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Hi guys!
It was my 4th-month doing freelancing at Fiverr and just reached level 2 on the 15th of Feb this year. I provide Digital Marketing services for Youtube as well as Graphic design services for streamers. Yesterday a guy approached me and said he wants 2K views and 100 likes on his YT channel and told me to send him a custom offer. As I provide services using Google Ads and Iframe Embedding I sent an offer which stated “offer for promotion to 2k audience and approx. 100-150 likes”. He declined that offer and forced me to clearly state that I will give “2k views and 100 likes”. So I sent him an offer like that. Later, my account got flagged and temporarily disable and went under review. As I know i am not providing any services which are illegal or against TOS of YT so I am worried about how one single idiot first forcing us to use the term views and then got my account suspended ( i didn’t receive a single warning from Fiverr though). Can anyone guide me in this?

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I would assume that you made a promise that you cannot guarantee.

EXAMPLE: If I asked you to guarantee me 50 x $5 minimum Sales at Bandcamp as a provable direct result of your promo work via YouTube, you may be able to say, sure, we’ll keep the program running at the set fee until that metric is reached but if I add that this must happen within 2 weeks, you can’t promise that at all as you can’t control all the people.

(if you do so by making some or all of those purchases yourself it is another kind of scam).

I understand seeing the (non) customer was pushing you for a guarantee but this is not a thing you can guarantee in a fixed time so have been drawn into making a mistake.

Fiverr have quite a lot of bots scanning those sections so you wrote things that got flagged. I wish Fiverr were as assiduous in other sections like BR and Chat over constant demands for free test work (free work being against TOS).

I think all you can do is let CS know that you understand how you went wrong under the pressure of a potential client wanting proof and you realize now that you overstepped.



Hey, Thanks for your reply. I was being curious about how my account directly got temporarily suspended without a single warning ( graphic design gig removed too which was not even concerned with these services and that was my main gig) and one of the guys i know who is serving the same services just got a warning ( not even that gig removed). Is that some kind of discrimination different sellers? what could be the possible reasons?

All you can do on that is to ask CS. Just understand that some actions are taken by Bots that see certain criterial and act, others are taken by humans, some of whom are engaged and care, other just sleeping until Friday drinks so as a result the TOS is less than evenly managed right now.


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So you covered your rear end with the first half cuz you stated it is for “promotion” to an audience of 2k. That doesn’t guarantee anything but the size of your following. The second half of the quote is a little iffy “approx. 100-150 likes”. You are promising between 100-150 likes. This is something that can’t be guaranteed unless you are using bots.

Then the buyer decided to take advantage and make you promise “2k views and 100 likes”. Again this can not be promised unless you are using bots and gaming the system. Those keywords either set off a red flag or the seller reported you to mess with your account.

The safest way to offer a service of this nature is to eliminate the estimated amount of likes and just focus on the size of your audience, “i will promote such and such to an audience of 2k”.


Yes, I understand. But when he was forcing me again and again for precise offer, I thought of running his campaign continuously untill it reaches 100 likes atleast. That is why i sent him such an offer…

The real thing to learn here is that you cannot let a customer force you into a corner like that. Say NO.

I know that is hard these days when they seem to all think that they deserve a Ferrari for $5 but the more people who stand up for professionalism and personal rights, the sooner it can change.

It will be faster if Fiverr go back to supporting all of their TOS but until then, we as Sellers are the only ones who can make any changes.



Sounds like the buyer set out to back you into a corner and over promise something that cannot be guaranteed. I would wonder if this “buyer” is also a “seller” - whether they have 2 accounts so they can run around doing this to their competition or whatever. But, it may also just be someone who has ordered views or engagement from other sellers and found out the hard way that this sort of thing usually does not work out and knew better than to just accept your offer as it was first presented. They wanted you to spell out exactly what you would do - and the time frame you would do it. Could just be a buyer who has been burned but, still has that fantasy that such Gigs will give him a return on their investment.

Either way, sounds like the buyer did report your Gig, which is why I wondered if it is another seller or competitor to you.