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Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. For more information, please contact Customer Support here

just new my account is restricted.
i am an honest worker and i am still working.
i can not sent any mail to there support.
plz help me for active my account again.
i use 3 laptop for working and use mobile apps.
my account is restricted without any resone.


Nothing anybody here can do anything to help, I’m afraid.

All you can do is to contact CS and wait for their reply.


This here is the forum. Customer Support is there :arrow_right:
or you can try if that doesn´t work for you.


when i sent mail it’s not working they say
Request not yet submitted. Please check your email to verify and submit your request.

3 laptops… Why? Are they all logged into fiverr at the sametime

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not altime but active in mobile always

with fiverr apps
and just now i sent a mail to there customer support.

can any one help me for active my account again

Yes someone can help you, the name is customer support. Ps if you already sent one request don’t send another, just wait sometime for their reply. Fiverr doesn’t just block account for no reason. You must have done something wrong.

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i am just using 2 mobile apps same account

I don’t think you can use so many devices to access Fiverr. It they find anything suspicious about your account activity, they will restrict it.

Don’t confuse account getting restricted with an account ban. If you provide enough proof that you didn’t violate Fiverr TOS, mostly the restriction will be removed.

how can i prove it.
that i am a honest worker

First, find out what caused your account to get restricted.

To know that, please contact Fiverr customer support. Only they have access to all the info and only they can offer you a solution.

All the best.

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i got my caused that i use wifi and mobile data both with 2 mobile device

You said previously you’d had an account warning - possibly related?

yes a buyer report me before and they warning for level down if i get one more.
but now my account in restricted without any report and my level also down just now.

i sent a mail in support for help but no reply.
i am waiting still 5 hour to go

they sent me this mail when they restricted my account.

Hey imranhossain14,
Based on your recent activity, your account no longer meets the requirements for Level One status. We have removed the Level One badge from your account, along with the features that came with it.

We would love to see you succeed on Fiverr, and truly hope that you’ll join us again soon.

For more information, please contact our customer support team here.
Good luck,
The Fiverr Team

It is not the reason for getting account restricted! I use my phone and laptop as well my phone always get connected with different wifi when i move around and nothing bad happened with my account! What i understand from your post is that you abused the fiverr order and reviews system which cause your account restriction and level dropping. There is no quick way to get success on fiverr, only quality work will bring success on fiverr!

i am an honest worker in fiverr.i have 27 review total rating 4.9
i always make my client happy.
i can’t find any reason for restricted my account