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Your account is currently restricted? You cannot send messages at this time?

Hello Admins,

I agree I pinged some 4-5 people trying to ask a few questions. I acknowledge my mistake, kindly lift the suspension on my account. I will m ake sure it does not happen again.




This is the user forum, made up entirely of buyers and sellers, not Fiverr staff. Posting here won’t help you, nobody from Fiverr will read it.

Also, according to the email, you’ve had 2 warnings for breaking the rules prior to this, yet you broke the rules a third time. You’ve likely lost your account now.


Oh dear god. This should not happen. 2 warning I received was for contacting outside Fiverr.

This one is for messaging other folks regarding my service…


That’s 3 strikes… :frowning: you should have read the TOS…


Aaaaannndd you’re outttaaa here!!! (In my best American accent)

On a serious note, now all you can do is contact customer service but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


There has to be something. I was so happy!!!

There has to be a way…I’ll reach out to them by hook or crook. I need to uplift the ban.

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ALSO, I never received my 1st warning on Fiverr. I received an email which said this is my 2nd warning

actually this is exactly what should happen in this case


the only way is not getting warnings. it’s too late when you already got them. It’s too late to lock the stable door when the horse is stolen


I like this analogy and now presume you live on a ranch and/or own horses


Some funds are in clearance. Will they be cleared? Will I able to withraw?

Your funds will clear and you can take them out in 90 days.

Also, if you choose to start a new account you must have the permission of Fiverr CS.

Thank you for that. What is Fiverr CS? Customer Service?

you obviously didn’t read fiver TOS, that’s why you got you warnings for a contact outside of fiverr and for spam. and even now after you’ve been banned you still didn’t read what’s written in fiverr rules.
and you promising right now “please please I wouldn’t break any rules again” doesn’t have any value as you still don’t know the rules and will keep breaking them without even knowing.
but as @vickiespencer said


Yes, CS is Cutomer Service. You can e-mail them at

Thanak you all for the kind support :slight_smile:
I know what I can do.

Wish you hadn’t posted the Imgur image privately. Keep us posted what happens! :disappointed_relieved:

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fiverr resolve your this matter ? how much time long to resolve this review ? can you tell me ?

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After getting second warning how many days you get back your account.

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i think fiverr did not give your account back because my account have same condition last 2 week