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Your account is temporarily disabled. Please check the email we sent you explaining what happened 14/01/2021

I am working here from 1.6k, 100% 5-star rating(1300+ reviews) , no argument with any of my clients for 4 years. yesterday I suddenly got my account is temporarily disabled. all my orders are cancelled (big amount was there )

can you please explain the issue and help me with this.

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Did you check your email so that you can see the reason behind your suspension?

Duplicate topic.

This is already being discussed in the above topic.


I think at this time we can’t help. Only you can check why they ban you(checking emails) and make a ticket and prove your honesty with fiverr rules.

And here you duplicate topic. Don’t do it again, :grinning: :grinning:

Hi nasimasarder007!

Our system identified some issues with your account activity in regards to the integrity of our marketplace.

To keep your account safe, and to protect our marketplace, your account was temporarily disabled.

The Fiverr team

Duplicate: Your account is temporarily disabled. 14/01/2021 .