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Your account is temporarily disabled. Please check the email we sent you explaining what happened.

I am a new seller of Fiverr. about 3 months ago I got a notification for verifying my Fiverr account. I didn’t understand the process of how to make it done properly and maybe I made a mistake and the result is “My account is temporarily disabled”. But I have the real information about my Govt NID Card.
I am sending messages again and again weekly to Fiverr support but they don’t respond my mail. Already more than two months is gone that I am waiting for the verification but Fiverr support don’t reply to my mail and I can’t verify my account. Now my profile all process is mutable. I can’t withdraw my funds. I can’t verify my account. I can’t delete my account also. I’m so disappointed and worried about this. Please, anyone help me. Do you have any suggestions or can you help me? I will be grateful for your help.

Thank you so much for your patience.

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Only Fiverr customer support can help. We are sellers just like you.

The verification process is very simple…not sure what was misunderstood but as I said, they can help, we can’t.