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🙏 Your Advice Please, Order Cancellation


Hope someone could help me with this. :thinking: This is my first time and here is the story.

In a previous discussion before placing the order buyer requested to complete five files, After that, he placed an order but provided only 2 files.

I have requested several times for the other three files, but he gave various reasons and delayed it. Therefore I completed those two files and delivered at the end of the order period. Then he has opened a dispute and asked for more time, and I accepted it. But still, he fails to provide the other files and tomorrow is the last day of the order. Hence I ask for his opinion, and now he is requesting mutual cancellation.

Please give me your opinion and advice. What is the best thing to do? What are the consequences when I accept or reject mutual cancellation?

Thanks for your consideration. :pray::pray::pray:


Any advice would be greatly appreciated

In this situation, I cancel. This person is obviously going to be a nightmare to work with – even more so than now – and you don’t have what you need to make the order and it’s obvious this person won’t give it to you. So what else could you do? Do incomplete work? Certainly not. This isn’t worth your time. Also, you don’t want the order to become late and then after two days let them cancel without your mutual agreement because that means an automatic one-star review.

This is why I never start the order until I have everything I need.

It will lower your completion rating, but you will recover from that. Sometimes you get dud gigs. It’s the nature of the beast.


Hi humaninssocial,
Thanks for the comment, If I decline the cancellation what will happen? I already completed his given files in the order requirement area.

Unfortunately, you can’t risk a bad review. This person’s actions and intentions seem bad right of the box. This is where Fiverr is just plain out awful for not doing anything about such situations - all while taking a 20% cut from your work. The only ‘right thing to do’, is to cancel the order under “Resolution center” and click on “Ask the buyer to cancel this order” --> “I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer”. This way, the buyer will eventually have to agree on this. It’s a unfortunate situation to be in - but all of us have been there or will end up in the same situation at one point. Just be professional about it. Don’t curse or use unnecessary caps lock or something like that.

Another time (yes, “another time” advice is hard to hear, when you’ve already stepped in the mud), always ask for all the necessary information and/or documents you need before you do your work. Also, if the buyer sends you a very complicated document that seems to be full of unnecessarily complicated requirements - then say no thank you to that job. It’s a red flag. They will just say that you have made a small mistake according to their document, and that you’ll need to revision it. Just cancel the order or say no thank you and move on.

It’s an awful situation to be in, but hold your head up high and don’t look down. Down is where there’s more of these buyers and you don’t want to sink to their level. Hope you’ll keep on doing your work and be able to see this as just a rock on the road. Good luck to you

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Hey Luucmeldgaard,

Thank You very much for your advice and It means a lot. I’m going to cancel the oder right away and move forward. :pray: :muscle: