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Your All-Time Favorite Project

Among all of the projects you’ve completed thus far, what has been your all-time favorite? Why? :slightly_smiling_face:


Every VO artist aspires to get a NatGeo project.


So many projects, but one is very favorite of mine I did 2years ago. That was a multilingual site for a Bridge construction Firm. The main site was created by a Designer from Spain. I work to add multilingual contents. It 's top of my favorite list cause I got chance to work with an awesome designer (he was a developer too ).


I specialize in memoirs, and I really love all of my memoir projects. It’s so rewarding to hep people tell their life stories. It always feels like I’m doing something really meaningful. My favorite memoir (without giving too many details for confidentiality purposes) was one that took place during World War 2 in one of the Asian countries. It was really interesting to learn about WW2 from the perspective of another country (I’m american). Also, I knew that this was probably the client’s last chance to tell their story and leave that behind. Obviously anyone who was alive during WW2 is quite old at this point. I loved being a part of that. His story can be passed down now to all of the future generations of his family :slight_smile:


That’s one of my favorite things about Fiverr. You will work with folks you never would have otherwise met. I am almost 60 years old and live in the US, and just did a project for a bunch of young, creative geniuses in Malaysia. How damned cool is that?


I have worked for MANY interesting clients, with equally interesting projects here on Fiverr. I can’t mention most of them here, because I keep my client interactions confidential. However, I can say (without stating any names or identities)…

  1. I have completed work for a genuine, real-life NASA astronaut. It was a specialty project, and, he LOVED the work that I delivered. As I understand it, that work is now in his private collection. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  2. I created some album art for a popular Country Music star. My work is in public use promoting the recent album/song that it was created for. I’ve heard the song – and I like it. It’s catchy, upbeat, and very “country”. :slight_smile:

I have worked for many other clients like the two above. And I can say, with 100% certainty, if you build a reputation for yourself as someone who provides top-quality work, people will notice. Maybe not a NASA astronaut or a Country Music star, but people WILL notice.


Got to produce, write, and craft a song with a friend who sang the vocals. It was a promotional song for an event and client came back and showed me the commercial they made to it. It was really cool and I was actually pretty proud of it.


Several years ago I translated a whole book.
It was written by a lady who used to work at a hotel in Las Vegas, and basically
the book was about all her crazy experiences she had at the hotel.
The “craziness” was of course caused by all the customers staying at the hotel.

She told me about a man showing up at the lobby butt naked since his wife kicked him out during a fight ( and he was trying to cover his private parts using cushions),
there was some rich guy that came and went on a shopping spree and went home with 90-something suitcases,
another customer got arrested for having some kind of a drug party in his room,
etc etc etc.

Ohhh, good memories :smiley:


It’s a benifit to work with more smart people :wink: A chance toexplore the other world we even don’t know about that part :wink:


“Maybe not a NASA astronaut”

Maybe not, but wouldn’t hurt to try, right? Aim high everyone!

That’s awesome @jonbaas, excellent work!

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Thank you. :wink: