Your Art? :3


I know a lot of us are Graphic Designers, but… Maybe a place to post pics we draw for fun would be nice too? :smiley:

Here’s my latest…

(It’s random, lol)


I actually have this as a gig on fiverr but it’s something I just thought of. (it isn’t a drawing though but art nonetheless)


Hahaha, what the heck. That’s all I can say to describe that. :stuck_out_tongue:


xD that’s the point of this one.


The Bacon Wizard and the Cowardly Egg? :slight_smile:


Reply to @magisworks: bwahahaha thats great, so @caiterz can you share with the class how this concept came to pass


Nice, why not!!


Well, there’s another website i check out occasionally that offers 1,000$ prize for the top voted t-shirt design, and the subject was “food”.

Everyone on the 'net seems to obsess over Bacon, so I started drawing a slice of bacon. I thought about making a “Virtual pocket” with the bacon sticking out of the pocket… however, when I stood the bacon up like that, it kind of reminded me of a cat…

So i started making it into “Cat-bacon” (Not like, made out of cat, but like with a cat face)…

Then I thought “Hmm this one side kind of looks like a wizard hat”. So i added the wizard hat and the staff…

Then It seemed a bit… empty, so I added the egg. He’s just as confused as you are, lol.


I thought it was a nation of bacon at first, haha. I feel sorry for the poor terrorised egg!


What a fun image! I’m not a graphic designer, I make jewelry and also conceptual artwork for galleries. Here’s one of my rings. Sterling silver, copper, and pink tourmaline.


Reply to @metalriot: Thats really cool!


Awesome! @metalriot very nicee!




Here’s on of mine.


Something i did for my friends birthday


@caiterz nicee!


Here’s a book cover I did for someone :smiley:

Edit - I don’t know how to delete the larger photo :frowning:


@momenly awesome!


Reply to @ceceliavo: Thank you!


Your rainbow is sooo cool, like. embossed. It kind of reminds me of those clay sticks in rainbow color, lol