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Your best reply

Hi, I am facing this problem that most of the buyers want the job to be done within few hours.

" I want the picture to be retouched to perfection and within few hours"

What is your best reply to this kind of message so that we do not lose the order and also buyers understand that every picture can not be done within few hours.

Thank you in advance for guidance :slight_smile:

Increase the price for the 1 day delivery (Add it in Gig extra). Simple! If you can’t do the work within 1 day then add the Quote in your Gig description.


Thank you for suggestions :+1:

“Thank you for your interest and visiting my gig. Details are clearly outlined in my gig that express order take ____ hours” (or days…you fill it in). Most definitely charge for this. It’s surprising to me how some people want top quality work yet want it even sooner than 24 hours. Good luck.

Good reply :slight_smile: Noted, Thank you so much for the help.

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