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Your best sales strategy! - Beginners and up

Dear Forum people, fellow sellers!

I see lot of forum threads about how to get your first orders, and how to get orders in general, so I’d like to touch on a rarely mentioned topic.

You have registered, created the perfect listing with a perfect description, titles, pictures, and then… you wait. wait for an order rolling in. Maybe touch on buyer requests, sending out offers, but those rarely work.

What happens if you get a message? In my experience, if you have been contacted, it’s only up to you to convert it to a sale! Be friendly, interested in the buyer’s issue, and my single best advice is:


Get engaged to understand his problem, and give a solution to it! Within 2-3 messages, come up with a suggestion, based on your feeling, possibly give the buyer an actual offer, which is in their price range. If he is a first time buyer, be reasonable, if he is satisfied, he will be back for more!


What’s your best sales strategy? Feel free to share it here!


This sounds like great advice!

What tips do you have to really make your gig stand out above the rest, especially ‘top rated’ sellers?


There are many ways, if you read through the forum, but no one really knows what triggers the Fiverr algorithm. In my opinion is you should have a gig which is sought after, and supercheap, $5. The holy grail, and you can sell 2-3 a day at least. And of course it’s not too much hassle for you to produce. Can be made from templates.


This is the best advice you could give newcomers. How you communicate to people who contact you is the one of the main keys to success.


Responding to messages may be good.

But there are many people who ask too many questions without buying.

Do you have a solution for that?


Send a custom offer after about three questions and then go silent.

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^ Always remember to use the expiry date drop-down if you do that if it´s a gig that takes you some time, so you won´t have a bad surprise if the buyer suddenly accepts the offer some time down the line while you´re swamped with work already or on vacation or something.


@misscrystal is right. If someone comes up with new requirements all the time, indecisive, bargains, it means even if you get to order, he will want the cheapest thing, he will be a problem client, requiring modifications, possibly cancellations. After a few questions send them an offer, if you feel he is a problem, may it be an expensive one. Get paid for your trouble!


Good advice, always give plenty of time for yourself!

After having someone accept an offer I sent them six months earlier, while I was on vacation mode and in the hospital, I never send an offer now without a deadline.

I can’t help but wonder if this buyer saw I was on vacation mode and deliberately chose to accept this old offer. It was strange that it happened six months later. I got to it just in time to keep it from going late.

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I definitely agree with this tip. Asking question is the single way to really land those orders, but not only is it asking questions. It’s asking the right questions. I recently wrote a whole blog post on this topic of the buyer requests.

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Dear @mabelma, would you be so kind to link your post related to this? I believe it would benefit everyone here!


The post isn’t out yet and I doubt the mods would like me linking to my blog on the forum. But it will come out on Tuesday at 11AM on the MabsArts Blog. In the meantime, you can read it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing in, and that you are able to gain some insight into the Buyer Request System.

Sending Buyer Requests
While frequenting the forum ( I’ve come across the same topics again and again, and that topic is the buyer requests. How do you as a seller get more sales through the integrated “job post-it” board that fiverr has? In this post I set out to give you some tips on how to better approach your client to secure that sale. Join Me.
What is a Buyer Request?
If you frequent fiverr, then you are familiar with the buyer request page, but if you’re not then this is what it is; Fiverr has a page where buyers can post their projects description and requirements and wait for sellers to contact them. After which they choose someone to fulfill their project and on it goes.
Why use the Buyer Request Page?
If used correctly, you can get a lot of recurring and great clientele from here.

Sellers, you answer to requests, you don’t peddle your services on this page.
How to Use the Buyer Request Pages?
To use the buyer request page efficiently and secure more clients you must understand the concept of consultant. When you reach out to clients and create a plan to HELP them achieve their project within your rules, skill-sets, and prices, you are no longer a freelancer. You are now a consultant. To help this client you need to pay specific attention to their needs, and you can only know their needs when you ask them questions. This is the only way to efficiently get clients on the Buyer Page.
What questions should I be asking?
Before you start asking questions, you need to first analyze the information your client has given you, this will include

Brief information of the project
With this three bits of information you will create your questions. Having a basic idea of what your services entail, (estimated timelines, budgets, and processes) will help you better flesh out your questions. If the needs of the clients fall outside of your data. You will begin asking questions about those problem areas, to better help them.

Ex. If you charge $50 for a project, but your client only has a $25. Politely ask them why they have such a low budget?
Most of the times, clients just don’t know what something costs, if that’s the answer you can educate them in your processes, prices and land yourself a client.

In other cases, they simply don’t have the money. This is not reason enough to miss-out on your help. When met with this type of client, you can brainstorm ideas of how to help them, while still getting a good R.O.I this can be something like, giving them stickers to pass out to their clients (free advertising), an adjustment on the deposit and final payment or even a bulk discount. (talk to your clients, get to know them better.)
Some questions to ask?
With all of this in mind, and your new perspective as a consultant here are some possible questions to start asking your clients.

What is your budget?
What is your timeline?
What is your target audience?
Have you done work like this before?
Do you have visual examples of what you’ve textually described?
What is the core message of this project?
How are you marketing this project?
Does your project have any special format needs? (printing and display)
Do you have a social media presence?
What does your business stand for?
Are you afraid anything might go wrong in this project? If so, what?
Is there anything you feel needs to be a part of this art services experience? (traditional sketches, prints, video updates, phone calls, etc…)
We hope these questions help you grow your business and get tons of new business through the buyer requests fiverr platform.

Goodluck and let us know what you think down on the comment section below <3


Thanks a lot, this is super useful!

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This is so nice! Thank you!

My best strategy is never let the client go until he is completly happy. Even when he got no more revisions left. I will do unlimited revisions for the client. Because a happy client always come back for more. And its been working really good for me :slight_smile:

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So do scammers who want you to work for free :wink:


So far i had no scammers! Because i won’t give unlimited revisions for a person who buys a gig for $5 lol
And it is working for me since i already have fixed clients.

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Let me rephrase that.
My advice to new sellers is that you should value your time. Do not offer unlimited revisions for any amount.

There are hundreds of posts in this forum where sellers were abused because they offered unlimited revisions. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or not, sooner or later you will come across a buyer who will ask you to do 20+ ridiculous revisions and if you offer unlimited revisions you can’t even complain to customer service.


Ohhh :open_mouth: i see, wont do it anymore! Thank you :slight_smile: