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Your Best Tip for Handling multiple Graphic Design Orders

Hi guys!

I’ve been on Fiverr for about 3 months, and I am reasonably happy with my progress as a seller so far. I’m looking to expand and go to the next level in 2018. I absolutly love to give 100% on every single order. So far i have at least 10 customers who have loved my work and have said they will be ongoing customers!

BUT, how do you guys manage several Graphic Design orders at a time? I know its all about time managment, but I’m wondering if you would share your #1 best tip for Handling Multiple Graphic design gigs at a time?

Are there any external tools that you use such as Trello or Evernote? How do manage conversations between time zones over multiple days regarding revsions and details?


I use a designer who always has over 30 orders in his queue. He notifies me when he gets my order after about one day that he will get to my order as soon as possible.

Then a day or two later, he comes online and shows me what he did on my order. I can send it back for as many revisions as I want. I keep getting new samples from him and give him more messages to change what I want until it’s exactly what I want. I have given him up to 6 revisions to do. He does them almost immediately, sometimes while I’m online so it’s in real time, me messaging him and him sending it back within one minute. He’s excellent and very talented.

Because he is so good and so talented, he can do 6 revisions in ten minutes if he has me online while he does them.

He does his best work when I tell him in general what I want and then let him decide what to do to surprise me.

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This is great! And I have a similar expirences with some of my clients. I’ve never had 30 orders at a time… (or even for all time!), but I’ve had 2-3, and if one of those clients are online and we’re in real time communication, I’ll work on theirs to make lots of progress!

If I may ask, how long is his delivery set to? If he is working on 30 orders at a time, in order for there to be high quality I imagine the dielvery time would more than a couple of days? Is this something you would reccomend, Longer delivery times if expecting more orders at a time?


As a Graphic Designer i am using order limitation option to Manage multiple orders at time. You should decide what is the maximum order quantity you can work at once without mess and limit it at that quantity.

i prefer to concentrate on the quality rather than going for the quantity.

His delivery time is 5 days but he gets it back to me usually in about 3 days but I am always online. If I were a different kind of client it might be longer.

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