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Your buyer requested a revision!

I am new on Fiverr, almost 1 month I started to work and completed 21 orders and it was an amazing experience. But today got revision from the buyer. but he did not say anything why revisions and what should I do.

What should I do now?


#1 people keep writing things like “buyer knocked” WTF does that mean?

Knock: to bump or hit something. The boy knocked the jar off the table when he ran past.
Knocked Up or Knocking can also have another meaning related to the making of babies.
Knock as in slang for showing disrespect.

There is no common usage where the work knock is used in business relationships.

While we are at it, what are “campings”?

Camping is when you sleep in a tent under the trees, stars, or nuclear clouds. There is no plural for the word.

My big point here is that English is the common language here and if you speak it so purple monkey dishwasher misunderstandings are shark red motorbike which leads to cancellations.

Google Translate is not speaking English,

dera dale hue hai jab aap pedon, sitaron ya paramanu badalon kay niche eck tambu men so jao e shabd kay lie koi bahuvachan nahin hai e

probably doesn’t really say in Hindi what I said above about camping.

#2 sadly yes there are quite a few “buyers” who will use Revisions as the beginning of demanding money back after you have delivered the thing they want. Essentially they end up getting your work for free. Talk to CS ASAP in both cases. Be sure to clearly show how you have delivered as per a) their initial request and b) any portfolio expectations you gave during purchase. Don’t be emotional. Just the clear facts that you are following TOS and need the buyers (and Fiverr) to do the same.



Please see: Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller

The best word to use in English in place of ‘knock’ is ‘contact’. (I hypothesize the root word relates to ‘greet/meet’ and the knocking on doors. Kind of like how ‘gig’ translates as ‘concert’ in some languages. That one took me a while to figure out.)


Fiverr always support the if knock on fiverr support I think it not will be good for you.
So talk with the buyers and explain what and why you do all the things.there has no other option.


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As a linguist, I can say they’re knocking on doors.


Or they are stupidifying themselves through dumbification as resultification of incontinence.


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Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?

A Fiverr Seller.

A Fiverr Seller who?

(Fill in with your Seller name).