Your buyers club routine


Hey guys and girls. So I am kind of new here and I read many times that you send messages here and then to your old buyers, just to remind then that you’re here and if they have some work they can contact you. So my question is, how ofter do you message them? Do you send it to all your buyers or only repeat ones? Just for example, what do you write in the message? I have for now 17 buyers and I don’t want to spam them, as most of them bought only once from me, but on other hand, I would like to keep contact with them.

So what is your practice?
Thank you for all information in advance.


Hi Matevz!

Please don’t message buyers after their purchase is closed - it is considered to be spam, and it will only take one complaint to get your account suspended.

Good luck!


I don’t message buyers to ask for more work - never. If they have a project and you’re the right person for it, they will certainly contact you.
If I want to buy more bread, I’ll go buy more bread - I don’t need the baker knocking on my door “Hey, hey, hey - do ya want some more bread?”


:slight_smile: good points. :slight_smile: Thank you for information. Maybe I misunderstood in one topic here on forum last week or so, that some even big sellers, write to their old buyers, like weekly or monthy news with promotions etc.

Well thank you for answers, good to know. :slight_smile: I don’t want to get suspended any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:
And maybe someone else who’s wondering will find answer here.

Have a great day,


matevzs1, I didn’t know (until reading this thread) that it was against the rules, either, so when I was new, I did message past clients (once each) asking if they would like more appointments. It didn’t work (probably because my prices had gone up), so I only tried it once. So I would suggest not to bother.


No, no, no! Spam, spam, spam.

I’ve had it with uninformed sellers telling other sellers to keep in contact with their buyers. What they are actually telling you is to spam us.

I will not only block you, I will also report you and send you a not very friendly message back.


Seems like I’m lucky :smiley: enough, that I found that out before I would send any messages. I really wound’t want not very friendly messages back. :slight_smile:


You did the right thing by asking!


Only when somebody mentioned a very concrete task that I should do as a follow up, I will contact them again. But just once. For example, if I have written 5 pages for a website, and there are 2 pages left that are already in the menu structure, and the buyer ‘promised’ me that I should write them as well. I only do it once though.


Say No To Spamming


good luck


No - please don’t do that - it will be considered spam, and you will be suspended,


who taught you that.



than how do we talk about our long run customers, people with long term projects
how do we build relation through fiverr and make it possible
@offlinehelpers ??


You don’t - they buy your gig, you complete it, job done. If you want a relationship, you buy a puppy or a kitten.


IF they need, they will contact you. You can’t force someone to buy from you. I would certainly loose my mind if somebody do that with me. Be professional.


i am also new here :confused:


You talking to your self. Wow…


if my buyer wants me to do 3 works in three weeks what is the term of that?


i just changed it coz u said no
perhaps i can learn things from u people