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Your Competitor Bought Your Gig And Leaves A Negative Rating


Hi, I’m very new here and I just wanted to ask you guys if it ever happened to you before or how to stop it from happening.

I received an order from a seller and I duly completed it within 3 hours, well most of my gigs are express gigs anyways. And BAM, the order was mark completed immediately and was given a negative rating, which of course affects your rating right?

And how did I know it was a competitor? We are from the same country offering almost the same services. To be more specific, he/she bought my translation gig and according to his/her profile, he/she can speak both the languages that needed to be translated, and also provide services doing translation, so why buy my service right?

So how do we actually counter this kind of issues?

Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P/S: I feel like refunding the order in exchange for he/she take back the negative review on me. (does such thing exists?}


Please submit the order details to customer support at they will review the buyers feedback and take action. This sort of behaviour is NOT tolerated !

Let us know how you get on.




It does happen. From time to time. Not that much though, considering.

Generally, if you get suspicious check them out before you do the gig. And maybe try and cancel.

But like @ozzieuk says, try customer support… but don’t get your hopes up. Best bet? If it hasn’t been delivered cancel it. If the buyer won’t cancel it contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel for you.


Thanks guys for the support and kind words, really appreciate that.

And FYI, I contacted support and have initiated to cancel the order, if he/she doesn’t accept the cancellation, then I’ll ask support to cancel that order for me.

Will be more vigilant in the future to avoid similar cases from happening. Never knew people would stoop so low to take out competitors.

Thanks again guys.