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Your contact dept. is time consuming

I do not have time to spend figuring out all the links and correct words to type in the help search to find a person to complain to. I am deleting my account. But first, I read a post in here that was SO inappropriate, saying someone “has herpes, so…” If this is the kind of thing that goes on here, I don’t want any part of it.
Goodbye Fiverr. I guess you get to keep my $$ I made, since I didn’t meet the minimum to be allowed to take it out. (Because you take 3 different kinds of fees.)
This awful person posting that here was the last straw, and I can’t even report him, as i keep getting put in a loop with your “help” links.
Awful. Really awful.

The post you are referring to is regarding a beloved dog belonging to one of the well-known people on the forum. The dog was known to be unwell and many of us were wondering how it was doing. The owner answered and we are all glad that it seems to be a less serious condition than was first feared.

So yes, that is exactly the kind of thing that is discussed here. Each other’s problems, concerns, personal lives along with a whole lot of business discussion is what goes on here. Most people find it endearing that there is a supportive community around those of us who work in the often solitary world of freelancing.
Sorry it wasn’t to your taste but I am sure you will agree that the context changes things a little from how you saw it initially.


The post I’m referring too was someone complaining that everyone was wasting his time, and calling them idiots, in several different ways. I can be understanding until you are mean to others. This I will not watch.

That’s so unfortunate, can you share the link?

Yep, that is the one.

Written in response to the question above it.

I see the part is greyed out about the dog. Hmmm. The rest of my comments stand. This is awful.

How do I delete this thread. I think I don’t want the backlash that is about to come at me. I have contacted support.

Yes, people sometimes do that when they are commenting off-topic. It becomes visible when clicked.

Regarding customer support.
Go to and sign in (top-right) if you are not already.
Next, click Contact Customer Support (top-right again) and that will take you to the ticket submission page.
Follow the prompts there and if you are unable to supply something such as an order number etc, just use an obvious fake like 123456.
After submitting the ticket, CS usually takes up to 24 hours to respond.

If you would like to share your issue here, other Fiverr users (we are all just Sellers and Buyers, not staff) MIGHT be able to help or advise you.

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All I wanted to do was report that. and list the issues I’ve had to explain why this is too time consuming to be financially feasible. But mostly, to say it’s awful what you can say on here. I have submitted a ticket.

Well, you would find it easier to Flag things you find offensive and that draws the attention of moderators to it.
To flag, you click the symbol with 3 dots under each comment and then click the Flag symbol that appears. Then follow the prompts.

The forum is basically a PG rated forum as it is open to users over 13.

There are Forum @moderators who are ready to tackle any concerns you are having with the Forum.

There are 3 Forum members & they do a fantastic job at removing hate speech and irrelevant posts. It’s inevitable that a few slip here and there.

I am going to give up on this, as it seems I am the only one who thinks
it’s awful. Which makes my decision that much easier.
Thank you.