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Your experience with AVAILABLE NOW feature

Hi all, hope you are doing well :slight_smile:
This post is like a feedback about the AVAILABLE NOW feature which was released about 20 days ago, for those who don’t know what this feature is please check this link:

Starting by myself, I would say this feature is so amazing! I have got 6 orders which worth about $290 using AVAILABLE NOW. I wanted to get more, but as I had more than 5 orders in the same time I couldn’t use the feature for a while.

My comment about it is the “fiver active orders” limit. Man, I had two INCOMPLETE orders stuck in my order list for a week! And the system counted them among the “five active orders”. Apparently, I had two choices, either to just wait the buyers to complete the orders details and forget about the AVAILABLE NOW thing, or to cancel these two orders (you may suggest to finish the other 3 orders in my list but it did not work as when I deliver one, I directly get another one).
So in my view, the “five active orders” should be modified to “five complete active orders” to make life easier for those who have INCOMPLETE orders in their list.

Hope my input help to make this feature and fiverr better :smiley:

That was my experience, what about yours? :thinking:


I haven’t this feature :disappointed_relieved:

I was kicked out the very first day when I got more than 5 orders in my queue. Which really does not make sense. It feels like they’re punishing me for having too many orders. I actually wrote to CS and suggested that it be less harsh. Like reinstating Available Now immediately once you have less than 5 orders in your queue, instead of penalizing you for a month.

never seen this option in my account :thinking::thinking:

This is being tested so hasn’t been offered to everyone.

But it is not as you said :thinking:
You can use it whenever you have less than 5 orders!
You will be banned from using it if you did not reply to “Available NOW” message three times :slight_smile:

Bad experience, a lot of complain.
2.5 orders
3.No option to turn off from mobile

No, take a look at the requirements. You have to also have less than 5 orders in queue.

Yes, but once you have 4 orders then you can use it again.
The thing is they assume that a seller with 5 orders or more can’t reply or deliver the order fast? Or maybe they want to give a chance for other sellers who don’t have any orders or less than 5 :confused:

I am not sure, but yes that could be a point to discuss!