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Your experience with being a Level 1 or 2 seller

Hey i am currently still a new seller, but i suspect in 1 to 2 months i will become a level 1 seller. What was your experience in sales count when you got from being a new seller to being a level 1? Did your sales increase at all? And what about going from Level 1 to Level 2?

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The experience of leveling up is different for everyone. When I leveled up, I did not notice much in the way of increased sales. Not even at level 2.

I think serious buyers that are looking for a quality product like to see a number of good reviews before they order.


Oh okay so you think it’s more important to have many 5 star reviews? Only half the orders have reviewed me, but all of them are 5 star i have 12 total orders.


I didn’t see that much of a difference between level 0 and level 1. But, after I became level 2, sales increased sharply so much so that I had to limit the number of orders in my gigs several times.

Since I took a vacation for over a month, sales dropped to dust again. Levels don’t always ensures you will get more sales.


It’s always good to over price your gig whenever you want to go for vacation. For example if your normal process is $5 and you want to go for vacation, increase to like 100 or 200; that will stop people from ordering but your gig would still be active. And when you want to resume, change it back to your normal price.

It will really take some time before your gig starts being “active” again now that you’ve just switched off your vacation mode


That’s not a guarantee to stop people from ordering. What if someone’s desperate or they don’t mind the price increase? The point of Out of Office mode is to protect one’s response rate and people placing orders w/o contacting first. Plus, editing a gig can kill it, too (not definite, but very likely in many people’s cases).

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I have found that rather than changing the price, it works well to increase the delivery time. I was overbooked last week and went OOO. I wish I had thought of raising my delivery time instead.

If the changes are small, such as changing the delivery time or increasing the price, I have not noticed any change in the flow of orders or my gig placement. :wink:


Well in that case, it will be very minimal. If 30 persons are ordering your gig before when your price was $5 and you now increase to like $200 trust me, you may not get up to 5 people that will order at that price.

But then even if they eventually order, it will be an added incentive. Think of how many orders you will deliver with $5 prices each as compared to delivering just one worth $200


Yeah that’s a good point, it would definitely be worth it to do an order for $200 that you would normally do for $5, even if you’re are on vacation.