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Your experience with Buyer Request

Hi. I don’t if it is normal to see the buyer request page empty.
I’m a new seller.

I will need your replies or experience relating to this.


Promote your GIG and try to get any order. Gradually you will find buyer request…

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I’m also new and new sellers get less buyer request. Wait for some days you will get some soon.

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Thanks, @bakulmiah and @editormj. I will consider your points.


At the Very Beginning I also faced the same issue sir! But once you get an order, gradually you will find out a lot of buyer requests. In the mean time, stay active as much as you can.

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Hi! I’ve been here on Fiverr for a month now. From my experience… in the first few days nothing appeared on the BR section. After few days I started seeing requests. As of now, I have sent 100 offers from here. But there are days like today where I am seeing less requests.

So don’t worry, it’s normal! Be patient and keep refreshing the page so you’ll find something soon.


Sincerely, everyone replies and contribution makes me feel relax and cool. Thank you all.

I will wait more days and stay more online to see changes.

I was also confused at the beginning, but now I understand how it goes. You should reload the buyer request page from time to time. They will appear for a short time. Then you can make an offer to them.

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