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Your experience with "Promoted Gigs"?


How many of you guys got the “Promoted Gigs” feature? And how beneficial has it been for you? I’m still running on my free $10 credit :slight_smile: It’s going PRETTY good for me. I will be investing more on it soon.

What do you guys think of it? Do you think they’ll do mass roll out or they’ll continue to select specific profiles and specific gigs that have better conversion (perhaps?)?

Looking forward to your opinions!

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Till now I am waiting for this feature to appear on my profile
I am under Ghostwriting section of Ebooks with Level 2 profile

It hasn’t rolled out to all users yet. Couple of my friends are TRS, they haven’t gotten this feature. I seem to have lucked out.

Not sure what their criteria is but my hunch is that it’s conversion rate, the gigs that got selected for me have pretty good conversion rate and the two TRS that didn’t got it are in design niche which generally has a lower CTR (due to sheer volume of gigs and audience).

Perhaps some staff member can clarify this further.