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Your experiences on Architecture related services on Fiverr

Hello everyone!
I am a new user to the Fiverr forum and I have had a Fiverr account as a “side project” for some months but now want to take it more seriously.
Being an architect myself I was curious about other user’s experience with architecture services.
So what do you think, have you found it enjoyable? profitable? what about getting orders? and also how is the work/life balance?


I will start with my own experience:
several months ago I created my Fiverr account along with some gigs that focused on photoshop rendering of architecture plans (especially sections) which was what I was mainly doing at the moment. Since then I have only got a couple of orders and nothing more, I realized that that was a very “niche” field so recently I created a CAD drawing gig because I also have a lot of experience in that. I am also starting to implement some advertising strategies like using social media and and most importantly, telling people I know if they are interested.
Cheers and good luck to you all!

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I’m not in the architecture niche, but as a general seller, I can give you some info!

I would suggest keeping Fiverr as your “side project” until you have established yourself here. For many new sellers, it takes a while to get orders pretty frequently. Also, the sales road in Fiverr can be pretty wild. Unless you have repeat buyers, the amount of orders that you get per month can be a huge variety. For example, you could get only 2 orders this month and then you could get 20 orders the next month!

Depending on your prices, Fiverr can be profitable. There’s tons of new sellers out there who charge $5 for a whole day’s worth of work, and if you do that, you’ll most likely be wasting a lot of time for very little money.

Fiverr is enjoyable! It’s nice to help people and all of my customers have been pretty nice (except for the occasional rude one), so it’s a good experience!


Wow thank for your response

Definitely a great advice. I’m not getting orders for now so I will focus on getting people to see my gigs. I find that in architecture is easy to end up charging $5 for a full day of work because sometimes clients don’t see how demanding a project can be.
Thanks for sharing your experience and I am glad that Fiverr is working out for you!

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