Your favorite depressing song?


Okay so everyone have this favorite depressing song of them. Which is yours? Mine is this one.


This gloomy reinterpretation of Leona Lewis’ “trouble” simply kills me:


This song. I have no idea, somehow this song always reminds me of a few friends and some of my dogs that have passed away. :sob: :cry: :cry:



It’s either this, or a Third Eye Blind song.


@fitrigwrites4u I also lost two of my dogs. :frowning: And this is the song that I usually listen to whenever I think of them.


@digipixtrooper I´m sorry to hear that. :cry:

I always remember my dogs, I never forget about them, even the very first one that I first had when I was a kid.

That song you posted is so sad. :cry:


That song is a tear jerker :sob:


Yep. It was the song at the end of the fourth season of Psych. In case you ever watched that show. :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve never seen Psych, but I did see “Limitless”, which is sort of similar but not really :smiley:


I watched that movie. Great movie! :slight_smile: (the one with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in it).


There is a TV Show also.

@Woofy31 0 They are not similar at all at least for me. Maybe you can compare “Psych” with “Monk” or The Mentalist" :smiley:


Yes, Jeez, I confused Limitless with The Mentalist :smiley: I meant the mentalist, yeah!


Jane is awesome! He is one of the dearest TV characters to me. :smiley:


This is Good song :blush: #Lukas Graham 7YEARS


After you revived this old thread.

Here’s an old classic!

“I’ll never let go”


Love is a funny thing sometimes. :wilted_flower:


Somehow this song makes me so depressed and gives me nightmares about drowning for some strange reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:



500 days of summer

Or i should say INFINITY days of summer