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Your favorite office/desk

I got a hammock for the patio yesterday and it’s my new favorite work station. I can’t go on a tropical vacation yet, but combined with this summer’s (wake) surfing lessons, it’s like the next best thing! :smile:

Where’s your favorite place to work from?


I am a big fan of hotel lobbies for working. Comfy couches, some but not too much background noise and usually decent coffee available.
Much better than doing it at a cafe where you tend to be surrounded by “writers” with Macbooks, wearing glasses they don’t need, ordering weird beverages (or worse, not ordering anything), trying to look busy but any time you stroll past them they have FB, Twitter, Insta or Reddit open - presumably researching of course :roll_eyes:.


I have a parachute hammock and I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it. Some of the best 20 bucks I ever spent.


Hammocks won’t work for me as the weather is unpredictable and we have 2 solid seasons.

Hotel palace won’t work either as they tend to be located in a place dominated by busy city streets and noisy coffee machines.

I guess I’m left with my old school desk office chair and mini iMac. I’m actually planning to up myself from 21 to 27… what are your thoughts? Off topic of course :slight_smile:

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I got my desktop iMac a few years ago when I went full-time online and I chose 21.5" over the 27" because I thought the bigger model was “overkill” for what I was doing. I didn’t mind the monitor size but I wish I had of upgraded just for the internal storage and processing speed (which my dad tried to get me to do because he knows computers). At the time, I did some video editing and graphic design work in addition to storing a lot of files on my computer.

However, I ended up getting a laptop at the start of the year and I have not used my desktop once since then. I had to get used to the trackpad, but without it I couldn’t enjoy working while traveling and, of course, swaying in the hammock. Writing (my primary focus now) is pretty portable, otherwise I would probably have to be confined to a desktop computer’s functionalities and space. :smile:


With a dog sitting in my lap, although it does make typing difficult. Kaya, what do you say? Dog puts paws on keyboard {JIO{N UHDH(PHDGU&DH D



I guess I’m the complete opposite! I purchased the Macbook Pro last year and it just sat in my office motionless. I got rid of It and now planning on going for the 27. I mainly prefer larger screens. My phone is the largest model currently available as well. I just cherish the space.

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Yes, total opposite! I have the smallest phone model available, and it’s on purpose. :smile:

At present, my total home comforts amount to 1 x dining room chair, 1 x kitchen worktop (currently doubling as a desk) and one God awful sofa bed.

By October, I’ll have this down to 1 x lightweight secure backpack holding 2 x changes of clothes and a Chihuahua in a carry case. - All ready for the big off to true digital nomading.

I’m not poor. Just striving to have 2-years of basic income and an extra emergency fund ready for the big off. Last month, I even managed to get my electricity and water bill down to 22 euros by substituting morning showers for embarrassing, pale skinned awkward morning swims.

All I really need now is a beard and I will be in ultimate hobo territory. :slight_smile:


This is awesome and it sounds like you are definitely going about this in the right way. I wish you every success I can.

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Those people are not writers. Most of them are on the dole. They only have Macbooks because they begged their mums to get them one for Christmas. Watch them closely and you will see that none display true freelancing behavior such as chin and eye rubbing, or excessive coffee consumption.

Eventually, they end up working at Starbucks. In fact, they probably do already and are just on a coffee break.


Thank you. I do actually need a sail boat if you have one going?

It’s actually quite scary how much you realize you waste when budgeting everything, I recently realized that my last guilty pleasure of having coffee and a local pastry every morning in town was costing me $1,000 per year!

Since then I’ve also dropped coffee altogether and alcohol went out the window in January. More recently, I’ve figured that if I start fishing again, I could halve my food costs. I’m just too much of a foody to go full monk.


That’s a very interesting lifestyle. I’d agree that we do tend to waste money on a lot of things. Then again, it’s not bad to indulge once in a while.

Can’t tell if I’d love or hate living like that. Glad you do :+1:

I’m sorry, Paul. Kaya stole the spotlight. Cuter than you,too! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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But it is close IMO

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There is a family resemblance in that picture.

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I just told her she was cuter than me, and she gave a friendly woof and then tore all of the stuffing out of her new toy. In doggy language, this means “duh!.”


Well, I can say the same thing about you and your handsome dogs. :wink:

Gosh, I hope you don’t act stuck up now. :smile:

Aww, like duh! You gotta give her a yummy treat for me. :grin: :meat_on_bone:

Speaking of treats, I’m off to nom-nom on dinner. :fork_and_knife: Seafood night :fried_shrimp::tropical_fish:
Dessert: :strawberry: cheesecake :yum:

The thing is, Kaya isn’t even the pretty one - that honor goes to Juna (on the right)…

This photo shows Kaya in her more natural, “derpy” phase.


For a second I thought there was a third one at the top of the image…
It’s 3am here ok?

3am means 03.00 for those unfamiliar with the 12 hour clock