Your Favorite Scene In A Movie


There´s a lot of good scenes from movies. Which scene is your favorite?


MIne is this scene from the movie Taxi Driver with Robert Deniro. I don´t like g*ns, but this scene always cracks me up.



Fuk that´s scary, man. :joy:

I hope no one would post a scene from Chucky.


The movie is great, but the book is better.
And I’m a girl, duh…


LOL sorry I thought you´re a boy. I prefer watch movies. I am not so into books. I will look for that movie. I mean, it´s Jack Nicholson, duh, a great actor, must at least check it out.


@wuerz123 Is that you in your profile picture? I thought it´s just some model that you made artistic looking. :grin:


Indian Movie “Border”…


Heroic scenes are always good to watch :slight_smile: @writer99025

Edited: This movie seems very touching. What is this movie about? Is it about Indian independence?


It’s about the India vs Pakistan war of 1965.


This one, eh?


Oh, 1971…


That’s my sister, duh… the sumo wrestler.
Just enjoy the artwork :wink:


LOL, yes you´re welcome :grin:


Nice artwork :slight_smile:


A scene from my favorite Bollywood movie - "Namaste London"


Namaste :slight_smile: @sanverma96

Finally I know the history of the word namaste.


Namaste! :grin:
It’s not a patriotic movie btw except this scene. It’s actually rom-com.




  • Hahaha! As if he understood what she´s saying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Damn, that´s a lot of cleaning up after the scenes.