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Your favorite type of Clients?

Do you know that feeling whenever you wake up on a beautiful, sunny day, when suddenly—a client message pops up on the screen of your phone, and all of a sudden, the sun is shining, birds are singing, the grass is greener on your side, and you feel like the happiest man. Heck, you might even go as far as to send your mom an I made it, Momma, we’re finally getting rich type-of-text.

You open up your phone and see it is a damn 12-year-old kid who sent you a picture of his homework and a ‘Halp me pls. Do my homework for free, and I leave good review, really’. Happened four times. 4 TIMES.:sweat:

Share your stories below :grinning:



I love active buyers.
Replying a text once per hour is really annoying to me.
So before I start working or ask buyers to order my gig, I always test and check
his/her response rate.
If they are really slow or busy, I politely tell them not to order.


Without a doubt, it’s those clients who reassure you that everything is okay.
As much as you’d like to, and regardless of how skilled you are, there’s going to be those orders which are more difficult, and possibly even out of your range of capabilities. I’m always up for a challenge, but it’s nice to be reassured by a buyer that they know they’re asking for something more time-consuming and skill-dependent, and that there’s no hard feelings if it doesn’t go exactly to plan. Essentially, I mean those buyers who realise you’re also a person and want to ease the load of their order off of your shoulders with reassurances.

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I love those clients that give the clear picture of what they are looking to get done. I love them because they have done their homework before contacting anyone and I can ask them as many questions as I want to get a clear picture of all the details.

Other clients that I love are that always there to answer the queries while an order is in progress. you can discuss with them all the pros and cons of stuff that you are implementing and they happily listen to all the suggestions.


I’m with Asad - gotta love those buyers who do their homework and know what they want before they message you and you can do it right, first time! I love buyers who are also friendly, chatty and polite, but not so much so that it’s suspicious. I’ve had some really great conversations with buyers before, really built a fantastic rapport and turned into repeat buyers. It’s great! :slight_smile:


Clients who know what they want or are prepared to trust that I know better than they do for subjects that I work on regularly.


It’s been said already but I’ll add one.
I like clients who scrutinize what it is they actually want. I just had my first experience of how things can go downhill between buyer and seller. I made something, he requested a revision. And because I had put a lot of time in my first delivery, I asked for his exact specs, which I matched exactly. Now, those specs were … stupid, really, but he didn’t know. I should have known but at this point, I just wanted to get it done. Result: another rejection, everyone unhappy. The story could have ended here, with a disgruntled customer and me getting my first shit review and coming here to whine about it :cry: /jk Instead, we pressed Reset. With him getting back to the drawing board and then showing me an example of something he liked. New result: I made a cool work, mutual 5 stars all around.

(Note how there’s also advice for us sellers :wink: )


This is my favorite type of seller. Way too uncommon though.

Couldn’t agree more. We have way too many Man-Child-like people who can be inconsiderate towards the sellers. Without realizing that behind the screen is a live, breathing person. Not a machine.

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The verdict? Kids, always do your homework before contacting the sellers. please.


Unfortunately, some buyers give you work and believe they are better at it than yourself. I really hate it when buyers start giving me directions on everything I need to do, I automatically become suspicious… Why order if you can get it done? Trust is essential both ways.

@aiexander: Thankfully I;ve never been contacted by kids…yet. But I’ve been contacted by those buyers spoiler[/spoiler] that come with the “buy my service” message. Frustrating!


Yes lol!! This is the absolute worst feeling. Or how about some really bizarre request that has nothing to do with your gig… for little or no cost.

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The key word is ‘yet’, I hope it’ll stay that way, but life is a beautiful thing, which is full of surprises. You never know when the next little bastard who is lurking beyond the shadows will come looking for someone to do his homework. Just saying man, be careful out there. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it… I might as well put a disclaimer on my profile saying: no trolls allowed.

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Ahahaha :smile_cat:

Um, sorry, but that´s just so funny and almost cute, though of course the older they are, the less funny. :wink:

My favourite type of clients? Those who have the most interesting kind work for my tastes and are nice people, ideally they are repeat/regular clients, too.

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Interesting stories pile up as the years go by.

My favorite clients are those who come to me with a path - a vision. They know what they want and communication is a breeze. Pros: They are awesome to work with Cons: There aren’t many like them!

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My favourite clients are people who:

  1. respect my professionalism
  2. respect my technical expertise
  3. know what they want and can articulate it well
  4. are friendly, but don’t want to be buddies
  5. accept that the price I quote is fair and reasonable

One of my least favourite clients is someone who messages with a $5 problem but then adds another requirement, which makes it $20, then adds more requirements, which make it $60, and so on. If they’d come to me with the $60 gig in the first place I would have just said no, so I end up doing a project I actually don’t want to do just because it started small.

This one’s from last year, so I can share this: I have this gig where every additional block of animated text is an additional $5. I have no problems offering a discount for, say, more than 10 “slides” (doing more of the same is quickly churned out in this case) but they’re still obviously more work. A buyer asked me for 450. Fourhundredfifty. I told him to do the math (smiley) and made a fair and reasonable offer in the higher part of three figures.

The answer: I’LOLreview with my team. Never heard of him again. :unamused:

Those are my regular clients are my favorite clients :smiley:

So many type of clients are described in this topic!

We are all different and the buyers are too :slight_smile:
Guess that every seller had a feeling that a certain buyer speaks and acts weird.
However you can’t even imagine how many of them are actually our loyal customers now, leaving good reviews and tips :smiley: