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Your favorite type of Clients?

My favorite type of client is one who suddenly decided to purchase a 10K custom gig from me, once a week for life. The client doesn’t really care what I send as deliver since all my work is touched with gold and clovers.

This hasn’t actually happened yet, but I’m sure it will.


Sadly, this is true… I might as well drop my current gig services and work as a free tutor on Fiverr. :older_man:, heck, I’d even provide free candy and sing-alongs on the way.

Ah, the visionaries. Legend says such mythical clients are extinct by now or extremely rare to find.

Alrighty… whew. That is quite a list you got there :smile:, I would most certainly have to agree on number five, since they are usually the one’s asking for the price and go nuts after hearing it.

Loyal customers… Don’t worry momma, we’ll get there. One day…

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One day, amiga… one day…

[details=Psst, amigo, read this…]^amiga

Don´t worry, you´re not the only one thinking everyone with short hair is an amigo, but I´m pretty sure @fonthaunt is a she. ;)[/details]

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Whoopsy daisy… Gracias for the heads up :joy:

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That is so funny! That is also sad that kids are not doing their own homework and having people do it online. I did write a paper for a college student about three years ago but that was the only one I have ever done for a kid in school. That is young at 12 to be ordering homework services online. LOL

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I wish I’d never heard from my last year example. I quoted a lot (higher part of three figures) to do a bespoke VBA application for someone who’s initial contact said something along the lines of this is simple for an expert like you (red flag, I know). I got a bunch of messages asking how I justified the estimate. I even actually explained in one how I worked the cost out. I think he sent about 14 messages after I gave up replying before he too gave up sending them.


Should I help one of these rascals out with their homework, I can only imagine the horror that awaits me… They will come back with an army, which would unleash hell loose. :scream: