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Your favorite types of gigs


Hello fiverrarians! :slight_smile:

What are your favorite kind of gigs? personally, I really enjoy the ones that have a lot of humor involved, such as one gig that offered to ‘be the secret admirer they never wanted’… so far I haven’t bought any yet, but that’s because I haven’t found the perfect occasion for one, maybe for a friend’s birthday… :stuck_out_tongue:

So anyways, what are your favorite kinds?


I like talents on fiverr (singing, dancing, acting, etc)

Maybe you want to take a look at my profile for this unique moondancing gig:

Tu Michael


I don’t buy any gigs but I did see the ‘be the secret admirer they never wanted’ gig and thought that one was very funny! You are right that this would be a really funny gig to purchase for a friends birthday! I think the acting ones and some of the sort story writers are pretty talented too!

As far as my favorite to complete, I wouldn’t know. Haven’t had any buyers yet. Lol. But I have a feeling anything writing related since I love writing and have a degree in English so I’m confident in my ability.


I really enjoy the silly dancers. I haven’t bought any dancer gigs from anyone but I find them so entertaining and I go through their work.

As far as actually purchasing, I go for anything that helps my business brand.


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