Your first experience on fiverr


Hi, I’m Ilaria and I’m 20 years old. My friend talk to me about this app and I decided to download it. I saw the category “Relationship advice” and I decided to help other people. I’m not studyed psychology or similar subjects, I’m not an expert in this branch,rather I’m studying mechanical engineering. But I’m empathic, I really like to listen and help people. I feel better when I can help someone and so I decided to create this gig. Sometime I talk to stranger and I realized that I could open up to him, I talked to him brakeless. I think that sometime it’s helpful talk to an unknow because he can talk to you without prejudices. You can have all problems of the world but in that moment, for this person you are simply the person who presented to him, simply yourself or the person you would like to be. He doesn’t know anything about you. I signed up a month ago and I’d like to know your first experience on fiverr.


wow, that is good. i will work with you soon man my relationship is drowning


Thank you. I’ll wait for you.