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Your first gig on Fiverr successful?


Which gig was you first gig on Fiverr?

And was your first gig on Fiverr successful?

A lot of sellers have no order at this moment. So how was it for you at the beginning?


Im new and i have just posted my first gig and Im really very confused as im not able to understand how really it works.
my gig:

Please help so that i get the confidence and go ahead as i keep on sitting back for not having any clue to go ahead.



Our first gig was a 2D Animated Video Gig, which has changed and updated a lot since we opened it first.

Check it out here:

It is our 2nd best seller, and the one that brings in the most revenue !

Keep up the good work, keep updating and changing your gig’s keywords, title, and description until it is just perfect. The sales will come then :slight_smile:


I forgot what gig was my first, I guess that it was this one
It gave me a great start on fiverr


Thanks for sharing guys :slight_smile:

Was it difficult to get new orders in the beginning? For me, it’s a challenge to get new orders. It is difficult
I started with gigs 3 weeks ago, but joined fiverr in 2013. But did nothing with it.


It’s always hard to get a first order. I got my first order after 1 month. But since september it’s hard to get any order here.


Thanks. I know in one month now I have 4 orders done… whawha


this my gig. anyone can visit to see my gig