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Your First Gig!

100% agree with that.
I had a business advice gig for a while and it really infuriated me that in the space of a year - not one seller even inquired about how they could improve their business! Not 1 message! Plenty of buyers from elsewhere - places like “the real world” where it is not acceptable to expect a third party to bring you a steady stream of work or to complain because x,y,z is not in your favor so therefore someone/thing should fix it for you.
I suppose I should not be surprised when the majority of people that @blaisefaint helped spent less time working on their own business than he did for free! Then when one guy @selfors, did take his advice, he then went on to perform spectacularly and wrote a post about it the following was the result:

Thank you for all your suggestions, Blaisefaint. I made most of the changes you suggested. Now I’m buried in work.

A new seller, with a fairly unique gig and boom - I also read somewhere about a month ago, about how he had to increase his pricing repeatedly due to the amount of work he was getting - just checked now and its gone up again.

I think Blaise must have assisted roughly 7 billion people in the same way but the ones who find success are the ones who actually get stuck in and apply what they are told - the rest get what they deserve - nothing.


I did not see the @selfors post! That was quite refreshing for once. This forum can be quite a viper’s nest sometimes (ahem).

It was in My Fiverr Gigs, hence you would not see it.
I could show a few others who have come from nowhere to get some orders quite quickly and they all have it in common that they actually followed Forum tips.

It might be worth making a post to show that. Even put it on the blog (the editor is always looking for new and safe ideas, and this is definitely a newish and safe idea).

It won’t work of course–you’ll get “wow am inspired” posts and no action after. Such is life.

EDIT: I know you can’t put it on the blog, and I can’t be bothered to pitch it but hey skilled writers of Fiverr who can be bothered to provide free content for erm exposure there you go!

I will be doing a post on it but probably somewhere else :wink:
I’m going to do a forum post on my findings regarding Fiverr search results etc today/tomorrow which will deal with a good bit of this topic too. Should be useful for the more experienced sellers - Blaise has cornered the n00b market although I read somewhere that @writer99025 will be taking up that mantle soon.

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Unfortunately, he’s cornered the cricket market when he’s not busy shouting at brown sahib bank people, so he has better things to do.

I’d like to make a make my day punk(wallah) joke but I shall refrain from doing so.

Starting this June…

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I got my first gig while advertising it to Youtube

But really, I don’t know if I can be of much help. So guess it’s a non-starter…it’s one of those things I say when I am in a good mood.

I hope your advice/encouragement is a bit better than when you “helped@braden10collins :smiley:


You can always come to me for tips on how to help people, writer. I am an expert in such matters.


That was funny, you made me laugh twice already this morning :grin:

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I think you two would make a wonderful team for helping others.

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Yeah, but I am the leader she’s the follower in this team.

There’s no I in team!

I was thinking more of a tag-team where @emmaki would go in and berate them for their laziness and @writer99025 would follow up with a “do your duty” type speech.

It’s like a perverted good cop, bad cop routine.

I am also really good at apologizing when necessary.

I’m unsure which of you is the perverted good cop?
Actually, don’t answer.

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I’ve just joined and my first gig is advanced Double Exposure, followed by drawing a cute character :upside_down_face:

Geez, by your posts it sure seems that it’ll be hard to get my first order here :sweat_smile: