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YOUR FIRST ORDER IS FREE ..Are you finding for a logo designer ? then you are at the right place


you will get your first order for free because my main motive is that i want to satisfy my clients with my work . if you are visiting through this forum then you should drop a message in my inbox . so that i can confirm that you visited through the forum i will refund your cash with the delivery.

why wait order now offer is availabe for a valid time


Why would you offer this for free?
People not returning to buy more logos, so it means that every person that would buy your logo would get it for free. But they wouldn’t be returning customers, logo is not something that you change every week. Therefore it means that for every client you would do work for free. What’s your benefit in that?


Can’t agree more with @mariashtelle1. If you want to promote your services and share some complimentary services with logo making. This way you will have earnings and promotion at the same time. Just a suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes , this is only the reason of my free service


I am fully confident on my work if I offered my first order for free then I know that they will come again to purchase my gig because of my satisfactory work that is why I did this .


How is it possible? Iam also a graphic designer then I can do my work all by myself


That’s exactly my point. People get logo only once and they don’t come back for a second logo.


I think you have a better chance to attract real customers by providing high-quality images as a portfolio. The images you attached are really blurry. Giving away your work for free is not how this website works.

And how would that work anyway? You refund the money and keep the review? I think that will be seen as a violation of TOS (review manipulation).

I suggest that you stick with the legit ways to attract customers. :slight_smile:


I agree with you @mariashtelle1 and @manucornel . I don’t think that the OP giving his work for free will do him any good in the long run. Buyer’s will only abuse the process and even take an unnecessary due advantage of him. Why not focus on the best way of getting orders legitimately instead of this? You might even get yourself banned from the platform once you are doing consistently.


Thank you I understood


Ok can you people tell me the better way to get orders


There is no 100% sure shot rule to get orders Ofcourse.
Showcase your best work, make an exceptional profile, make best deals on buyer requests, promote your gigs and grow your services.
But staying legit helps in long run. :grinning:


I’m a new seller like you so I might not have enough tips. Hopefully, other experienced sellers on this platform will provide helpful informations.

But I will advise you to create addition Gig instead of creating just one. After that you can promote them using social media such as facebook, twitter etc and don’t forget to always send buyer’s request daily.


but i am not getting buyer request because i am a new seller bro