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Your first order :O

I know facebook can be the best way to get buyers and to promote ur gigs, but is there any awesome way to get orders to ur gig as i have tried many stuffs but still nothing in hand, I thing i have the best and unique services i may offer but what now :stuck_out_tongue:

Please send good words when you send offer to the buyers.Those words should be attractive

The only awesome way to “get orders” is to define the goals of your business, and work tirelessly to make those goals a reality. Promote your gig (online or off) wherever your prospective buyers are located. And then complete top-quality work for any orders that are placed from your gig(s).

There is no easy way to find success here on Fiverr.

I have to add here that I have really noticed one sure way to get a lot of orders constantly above all other awesome ways:

Be the best at what you do and how your gigs look and the gig descriptions.
It almost doesn’t matter that much what else you do if can do what I have said in a really outstanding way.

In this way you are allowing the buyers to find YOU, and they will find you and the fiverr search engine will find you too.