Your First Sale on Fiverr



Can you share stories of your first sale on Fiverr? How did you make it?It might help new sellers who are just starting out trying to make that all-important first sale?



Once upon a time, I made a Fiverr account. Then started,
reading TOS
Joined the Forum
Created some GIGS
Sent offers to the buyer request

Then on the 2nd day, a buyer sent me a message,
“bro, can you solve that? I need this done asap!”

I replied, and that was my first sell.

Woah! an incredible feeling. :hugs::heart_eyes:


Well, you are lucky enough to have landed a sale on the 2nd day!


Getting your first sale might take longer some time depending on different reasons but this are few tips i learn from reading around fiver forum and blogs:

Your gig page matters a lot, make sure it give the buyer some level of confidence, nice gig picture or video, and well detailed description

Use the buyer request section to post offer for buyers. Try let the buyer gain confidence in you by letting the buyer have the impression that you understand what they need and you can provide a quality solution, and if possible reduce the price the buyer offer to pay.

with constant use of buyer request section you will get your first sale in no time

I got my first sale for $5 from my gig page :blush: rare i think!


Just like Nayeem I also got my first sale on second day. I made a lame ebook in 2016 and put it for sale and forgot about it. I submitted work and forgot Fiverr. Now before a month I joined this platform again it was nice to see 4$ in my account as motivation.


I’m proficient with an outlandish tool/software for video creation. In some ways, knowing this tool puts me ahead of my AfterEffects competitors. I made a gig focusing on the strengths of that tool. Someone saw the gig, liked it, bought it. Simples :wink:

And then the second person who liked it bought 150 versions of it. Yeah, I had a lucky start :slight_smile:


That explains it. That is your competitive edge.


At first, I did not think that I will have any luck with this. But my decision was to do what I rally like.
Before that, I worked a little a bit on other platforms finished courses in SEO, English literature and graphic design. Those are my the greatest passions always.
My first sale was for one blog. My first customer was very nice and polite person.
The point is:

  1. Never give up.
  2. Work to improve your skills. I know three languages but I applied to course of Spanish, for example
  3. Choose what you can do best.
  4. Have the courage to try new things
  5. Do not think that you know everything, but always want to know the most.
  6. Do not lie
  7. Believe in yourself
    I hope that I was helpful to you with my experiences.


I made the account in May 2016 and left to check it again…even i did not install fiverr App on my phone. everymonth , I continuously received notices to “sign in” again, otherwise my account would be deactivated, etc…and I just “signed it” for months to keep activate my account…in December 2016, I received an email “congratulations for an order”…I was in another city and not using the laptop…after seventh days of my order placement, I asked the buyer whether he still needed my services or not? He said, yes. It was the most easiest job…just formatted the file…earned 5$ and 5 star review. I still get orders by luck…I don’t struggle at Fiverr to make money, because my daily life is already very busy… thanks for Buyers’ trust.


I think it took a week to get my first sale. It was a gentleman wanting the background of his logo removed and after completing the order and ordered a few more time which jump started everything for me. :blush: