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Your First Sale

Hey everyone! I’m very new to Fiverr and only have a very few gigs posted (with a few more pending approval), and was curious as to when you got your first sale? Was it on your first day? Was it a week from then? Until now I’ve only seen 2 visitors come to any of my gigs, and frankly am wondering if they are getting any exposure at all, or if somebody has to dig extremely deep just to find them?

Interested in what you guys say :slight_smile:


Hi, phpscripts:

I am relatively new (just a few sales) and it took me a few days to get my first sale. Some of my gig have no sales, but I’m hoping that as my other gigs get noticed these ones will garner sales too.

Hang in there!


Reply to @traxie2001: Thanks for the info, Traxie! Do your gigs get a fair amount of views/impressions every day?

Hello there! Welcome to Fiverr! :slight_smile: When I first became a member, it took a little under a week for my Gigs to be noticed. I currently have a total of 8 Gigs, with two of them receiving a major bulk of the traffic. It takes a moment to be noticed, but you can do it! Stay strong and keep your head up! Make sure your Gigs are in the right categories, and with all the rights tags too!

Reply to @luna_dreamer07: Thank you Luna, would you say you have a fair amount of traffic each day?

The thing that i have noticed is that the counters on the My Gigs page don’t seem to update very often. So there is every chance in the world that people are seeing your gigs but the numbers don’t show it yet.

As for sales, i had one gig take at least a week to get its first sale and another take a couple days. Its ranking in the search lists seems to be based on positive feed back, the more you have the more chances you have that it will show up high in the lists. I believe your level has to do with it too.

Reply to @lokiie1984: Okay that would make a bit more sense concerning search listings being shown based on positive feedback, thanks for your insight

Well I officially got my first sale! Thank you so much to pdfhelper for being an awesome buyer :slight_smile: