Your Fiverr Dream Feature?


Yes as the title sounds, what is your Fiverr Dream Feature(s) that you would want to have on fiverr?

Mine are:

1. Having a 'next' and 'previous' button/symbol in conversation page

2. Adding a chat box so that buyers and sellers have direct communication as it might save time with chat ON/OFF option

3. For any gig related changes that are made from Fiverr seller account a confirmation mail/link to be mailed
so that without email confirmation the changes cannot be applied

Share Yours :)


Reply to @kjblynx:

good one! but how would it help for people who need same day delivery?


I would love to see a promotional code box, to where we could offer clients promotional codes and have them automatically processed at checkout. I always offer repeat customer $ off deals or free gigs, but it is so difficult to be able to get them put through the system. Promo codes would make life 900 times easier, most of the time.


Reply to @mrtimthewriter:

Good one mate.


Good suggestions. Mines would be to bring back the thumbs up or thumbs down rating system and to limit the time that feedback can be left.


Ohhh I didn’t know. Thanks. Guess I’m a bit behind the times on updates.


One more feature i would like to have on Fiverr is Loyalty points/credits feature. Where in a Buyer gets some points/credits under his account for each purchase made on fiverr and reaching on a certain number of threshold points/credits he can redeem the points/credits as some discount on next purchase which could be equivalent to some $.


There are many but one change i would like is to be able to limit extra fast to a single gig without multiples. Would also want the additional time for gig extras to be added when using extra fast.


Reply to @mgjohn78: But such options already exists :slight_smile:


Reply to @turnkeyz:

When did this happen? The kb article still states "Note: If you select Extra Fast, the amount of days for the extra fast delivery cancels out the amount of time you indicate in your extra services."


Reply to @mgjohn78: oh, sorry i misread your post.


Country&Area Restriction would be mine :

I would like to provide photographic services in my area only not going to travel interstate or overseas I would hardly be the only one thinking this would be nice .

(guess ill have use ebay )

Accept Order would also be nice ,

Being able to view all the requests without having a gig in that category :

being allowed to reply to them without having to select a related active gig as sometimes you just want to do the one off not 100,000 of the same things each time.

example I saw a request to do a youtube intro … I can do 3d I thought to myself and I don’t mind a little challenge … but I don’t have a movie making gig on here so unless I spend 10minutes to 2 hours creating a gig (As the uploader for gig images is the largest piece of crap I have ever dealt with.Both versions)

I was unable to respond to that.


Reply to @scottmcfadden:

yes Accept/Reject order could be a good one :slight_smile: