Your Fiverr Workplace


So I was wondering, a lot of us spend a lot of time on Fiverr delivering gigs and working on making our gigs better for our buyers, most of the time I guess we all spend a lot of that time in the same place doing all that gigging ! So… lets take a look at where you spend your time making your Fiverr business a success :slight_smile:

I deliver all my gigs from my little home office below, be great to see how and where others work too.

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Well you know what they say about messy work place, hard working!

that being said I need to give mine a good clean, then i’ll post a pic.


Nice house, Mr. Wayne.

Also, nice camera! Which one is it?


Reply to @princemaxx: Fuji x100


Reply to @madmoo: One acronym “OCD”


My dining room and coffee table! I keep them clean, if cluttered, because I don’t want the craft/yarn to get dusty or dirty. Although my eight year old isn’t always on board with that. You can see it in my only video here:


Mine is usually confined to a little office similar to this - although only one laptop to work from. I sometimes move around the house depending on my daughter’s needs and whether I am bored with the events happening on my street (I look directly out of a window).

I have to have everything set out in a certain way though when I work - my husband tells me I have OCD but I just call it organisation :wink:

Maybe I’ll get a photo up at some point.


Reply to @ozzieuk: haha , nice looking setup. I shall also be posting a photo of mine soon as well.


Reply to @routezap: Make sure you do :slight_smile:


Reply to @aingham69: I have a view of the Peaks where I live, soon to be ruined by the HS2 Railway in the next few years !

I love organisation, too tidy


Reply to @crcanny: Brilliant stuff you’re making there :slight_smile:


I sit wherever I want, being a free spirit and all of that! However I move to Sweden in March so I will have a dedicated office! :smiley: (so excited)


Reply to @ryangillam: Sweden from the UK ?! Bit cold up that way isn’t it chap?


wow will share mine tooo my workspace is just my laptop and tv:D


Reply to @ozzieuk: I have some Scottish hills in the distance but I mainly watch the people on the streets around me. Shame when views are ruined by building and transport works.

It’s not just tidiness though; everything has its own specific spot. I go crazy when I can’t find something so if it has its own spot, I’ll know where it is :slight_smile:


Mine is a big chunk of my livingroom: a green screen with tungsten lighting setup in front of the fireplace and two laptops by the couch. We hope to get our extra room tidy so we can turn it into a studio of sorts! Right now we setup and take down everything…ok the hubby sets up and takes down everything while I get into makeup and costume! 8:O)


You wouldn’t want to see mine! I had such unexpected sales my first few days that everything is a mess!


Reply to @chrisleevella: Mine is a mess by the end of the day !


This is where magic happens (*)


Cool ! Loving the Lava Lamp :smiley: