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Your Gig Is Removed After 20 days

hey guys i am very surprised that i had 4 gigs and everything was fine, but today i got an email from fiverr that all of my gigs are removed.
Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig give best trading strategy due to the following reason/s:

  • It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers. this was the message which i got, please help me what was my mistake, thanks

what were you selling ? We can’t guess…


Read the TOS about which services are not allowed to Fiverr. Your services probably be one of them therefore they removed it. It you think the service which you were providing was not against the Fiver’s TOS then you can contact the CS and let them know.

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