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Your Gig Is Removed ! :/ Help me

my Gig was removed by Fiverr this morning… after emailing me twise that"Your Gig needs modifications" i modified my gig, i dont know where i went wrong…
Can anybody tell me what did i wrong ?

Email received:
Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig do portrait, vector art,colored cartoon on adobe illustrator due to the following reason/s:

  • We noticed that your Gig packages are unclear and/or do not provide enough information regarding the service you are offering. Each Gig package should have a different service from one another and a different price. Please also make sure that the information in your Gig packages (price, delivery times, revisions, etc.) is aligned with the rest of your Gig components.
  • It seems that your Gig was not corrected according to our recommendations or past reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs need modification in the future.

The Fiverr Team

Revise your gig, packages and previews according to fiverr recommendations


I think they thought the packages weren’t clear enough. eg. the package descriptions said “Basic 1000”, “Standard 2000”, “Premium 5000” but what does that mean? How would the buyer know what those numbers mean?

They might have deleted the gig because you didn’t modify it when they first asked. If they did, you’d need to create it again, making sure it’s clear enough follows what they said in the email.


can i get back the same Gig of mine somehow by emailing the fiverr team? explaining them about changing the package descriptions as before i was not sure what to do… :\

If they’ve deleted it, you could contact them and ask if they can restore it. I don’t remember if someone has said they’d managed to get a deleted gig restored before. Maybe they might restore it. It might be worth asking.

If they don’t restore it or you don’t ask them, you could look at the details of how the gig was in Google cache when creating a new gig for it.

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Re create you gig and give all information


create another gig update all information

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A gig is a contract and contracts can’t work unless the scope tells the buyer specifically what the contract includes.

You can’t leave it up for interpretation and it would work against you if you did – because people could ask for the moon and claim to Fiverr that you owe it to them.

Research scope of a contract.


one more question what about the (impressions and clicks) on deleted gig… All gone? after i create new gig… and i also dont understand why they have emailed me after 2 months on working on fiverr that my gig needs modifications… anyway Thankyou :slight_smile:

If the gig isn’t shown on the “gigs” page and and it doesn’t show the impressions for it there then yes they are gone (unless you could get Fiverr to restore the gig). They won’t be carried over to any new gig that you create.

Maybe you changed something in the gig recently which made them look at the gig again (after each edit it goes into moderation). Or maybe they just viewed the gig randomly or maybe some other reason made them look at the gig again.

yes i remeber i uploaded a video that defined my skills before i got the modification email which was under the review… and one more thing my deleted gig is shown on the gigs page in the “denied” tab

I’ve never had that so I don’t know how it restricts you. If you can’t edit it there, maybe you can view it from there, or if not, you could view it in Google cache. It’s up to you if you want to ask CS if they can restore it (if you can’t edit it) or if you want to just recreate it (with more info in the package descriptions etc.).

ok… its there on page but i cant edit it(Showing the Impressions and clicks) … and i have messaged the fiverr team to Restore my deleted gig…
if i have to recreate gig,where can i find the Google cache?.. thanks again for your help

For the Google cache, just search for your profile URL in Google search. It will then show your deleted gig in the search results. Click on the triangle above the gig title in the search results and select “Cached”. That should show the gig.

Also in the deleted gig, most of the things in each package were the same apart from the price and number of days delivery (all had 2 figures, source file, high res etc). If you made each package different enough that would help.

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yes! i can view in Google cache but in Text only version not the full version view…ok
waiting for there(fiverr) reply hope they will restore my gig back … :crossed_fingers:

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and what if i choose only one basic Package? i will be ok i guess

Yes you’d be okay if you only use one package. You wouldn’t need to differentiate the different packages then.

Also you could try viewing the Google cache version in Google Chrome if you weren’t already in case that shows it better than before. But even that doesn’t show it fully correct.

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:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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