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Your gig is removed. Not and original image

Hey there. After posting my gig I did receive an email telling me that Fivver removes my gig because I do not own the rights of my image.

Well, I must say that I made that 3D model and render myself, and of course I have many other images of that project. Including the conversation with my customer. Original 3D models and all kind of source files, including previous designs, step by step process.
What can I do then?


Contact CS and explain. Provide all nesseccary info

I ran into same problem. Do not expect much from Fiverr support team. I had submitted my request with details and proof to resolve this matter. About a month latter a got a message from team fiverr that its resolved. So i posted my gig again and this time i got RED FLAG for TOS violation and the gig was removed again!
I have submited another request although i do not have a lot of hope left with team FIVERR to resolve this but i did it anyway. I would suggest you to upload something else for your portfolio.


I am not going to use another image in my gig, call me stubborn. It is my design, my 3D model and my work. If someone is using my 3D renders I want to know who. If not, I expect an apologize.

I am not allowed to upload more than one image x post, as I am a new member. But of course I have images from that project that nobody else has. Here is one example, this one is not even in the internet or my portfolios.

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Do you have the permission from your customer to use that image?

Can that image be found somewhere else on the internet?

Of course I have the customer’s permission. I did complete that project on October 24/ 2017.

The image I used in my gig, the blue one, is shown in my portfolio. So yes. But for example the second one, that is a pre-render to show the result to the customer is just in my computer.

This is why I want to know is someone is using my renders to work here at Fiverr or what the hell.

A generous and much experienced fiverr user told me why this is happening to us. if the images are available on any website on internet or shows up in google search results. or its on your behance portfolio Fiverr will not accept it.
images we upload for fiverr portfolio must be made ONLY FOR FIVERR

Thanks for your answer Zunera. They could spend more time explaining that kind of things while sending an auto-email. Am gonna sit on my chair, that is not in the internet, just in case.

The blue bluetooth project image or nothing. I don’t care, my fridge is full of meat.

i literally agree with you. Fiverr CS should explain these things in detail rather than versend auto emails. if i hd not come here on forum and talked to senior Fiverr users my issue would not be resolved.

i agree with you on this as well . why should we get denied gigs or red flags, when we own source files. Fiverr should be understanding on the matter. the only con of this situation is we gotta wait. :roll_eyes: