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"Your Gig is Removed"

There is little more discouraging than having your gig removed for a rule that your gig was not breaking.

The email said it was removed because: “We do not allow posting paid-for reviews. It is misleading and illegal in certain jurisdictions.”

But my gig was not for posting reviews. Whoever flagged my gig for removal didn’t even look at what the gig was. This doesn’t encourage me to put forth more effort in making something work on here, since someone can just up and decide to remove all my hard work for no reason.


If your gig truly wasn’t breaking any of fiverrs TOS then just contact them.

I have always found support to be amazingly helpful.

It could’ve been a misunderstanding, or maybe a automated system which automatically flagged and removed your gig.

With so many gigs and sellers, there has to be some other way that Fiverr keeps the spam and undesirable content off their site.

Like I said, if you know your gig didn’t violate any TOS, then contact customer support.

At least then you’ll know what’s going on.


Some gigs get flagged. My gig about writing craigslist ad was flagged twice. They told me posting ads for other people is not OK, but I wasn’t posting ads, I was writing ads. Totally different.