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Your Gig Isn't Selling - Why?

You’ve done it! - You’ve created your very first gig and it’s up and ready to be sold. You just can’t WAIT for it to hit the searches and have buyers come flooding into your inbox. You can already feel the satisfaction in your bones from knowing you’ve finally found a way to make an income from home. The excitement is near unbearable.

There’s only one problem. You’re not actually making any sales.

Now it’s been weeks since you’ve created your gig and STILL no sales - what’s the deal? Your gig is perfect! It offers honest, quality work and yet no one seems to have taken interest enough to actually purchase it?

I’ll tell you why - It’s not because your gig/services are bad, so don’t jump into the pool of discouragement just yet. The most common reason a seller has trouble selling their gigs is lack of attractive content in their gig description.

Yep! That’s it! Many sellers [especially new sellers] are so focused on SELLING the item, they often miss the most important pieces of their gig - telling the buyer WHAT they’ll get, WHAT it will do and [most importantly] HOW it will benefit them!

It’s important to remember that so many services are sold here on Fiverr - from fun and bizarre to graphic design. From jingles to holding signs. You name it, there is likely a service on Fiverr offering it [legal and non-offensive, of course]. Buyers are searching for services, or gigs, that match exactly what they’re looking for. Often times, a seller IS offering exactly what the buyer wants, however, the buyer over looks that seller’s gig because they did not understand what the service was offering, what it will do and [say with with me] how it will benefit them.

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably [near] desperate to find a way to get your gigs to finally sell. My advice to you is to edit your current gigs (don’t delete them, because they’re likely a good service!), get in depth with your description and

focus on making your service appeal to your audience - [Hint: What do your buyers want? How will your service get them what they want?]

Of course, I’m always looking to help fellow Fiverrers! Let me know if you’ve any questions!




Woowww I’m really inspired. You know making my gig appeal to my audience is again a big deal because I’ve already done what I knew about this field. I would love to get help from any experienced seller to give me tips, by viewing my gig, where to work at and what to add etc…
Can you do this Angie?

Thanks for the useful tip! Definitely making your gig attractive to the buyer is a good start.

I think another reason for sluggish sales is that the Fiverr market is already quite saturated, with many sellers offering the same things. Buyers will likely go for sellers who are already established and have high ratings. So for newbies, it will definitely be a slow and steady climb to achieve top sales.

I think there’s no way to get around it but to provide honest and quality work that buyers want, and sales would have nowhere to go but up.

Great stuff. Keep up

Reply to @seochick101: thanks and i will be following

@hawkkseo: I hope the information I’ve sent you was helpful - wishing you nothing less than success, my friend!

@aurorean: You’re definitely right; sluggish sales for new sellers is in partial due to the rather saturated market - this is why our titles, too, must stand out to buyers filtering through the pool of similar gigs :wink: compelling content wins, ALWAYS.

@suzanshad: Thank you! I’ll be posting here regularly - stay tuned! :smiley:

Reply to @seochick101: Your simply the best here at fiverr. Without a doubt, you will continue to have success in all areas!

Reply to @seochick101: I’ll be glad to read your posts