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Your gig may get terminated for no reason! beware

The problem with Fiverr is that they can and will terminate any Gig at any time without giving you the reason.

I hope other sellers read this and listen closely.

I had a Gig that was doing well and then I made one change to the description and the Gig was terminated. Here is the email I received :

“We need you to update your Gig: xxxxxxxxxxxxx so that it passes our content review.
This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is 
infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or 
misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.
As a member of the Fiverr Community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet
community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings.
For more information please read our Terms of Service”
  1. The Gig was terminated so I can’t even edit it anymore.
  2. As you can see I don’t know who complained or what was wrong so I could try and fix it.

I contacted support and got this back :

“Unfortunately, as this was a decision made by our Trust & Safety team, we cannot restore your Gig. You are welcome to create new Gigs to showcase your talents. Please let us know if you need anything else.”

So they expect me to keep creating Gigs, get customers and hope they don’t one day decide to terminate it without warning or ability to fix any issues.

It looks like a competitor complained so they just removed my Gig.

I am terminating my account because of this, since there is no way I will put energy into Fiverr knowing that anytime they can just bring me be back to square one.

I encourage all of you to think about what they you will do when your gig is terminated.

He has no Gigs but the account is still active.

For the sake of the community, reasonable deduction dictates that his Gig was most probably shut down for either copyright infringement or plagiarizing. Given a third party was involved, I vouch for the former. Let’s add on potentially misleading consumers.

Why he could not deduct as much is revealing in and of itself.

The title and post are deceptive. The title of the post at minimum should read, “Your Gig may get terminated if you break the Terms of Service.”

Apparently this is news.

If you don’t want your Gig shutdown by Trust and Safety, do not violate the Terms of Service, and in this case, do not engage in copyright infringement and / or plagiarization and / or mislead consumers.

That sounds like good reasonable business practice.

Beyond that, if you do any of the above and get shutdown, do not be so silly so as to admit it in public, on the internet, with the text of the determining correspondence on full display.

This is sooo . . . I bite my tongue. I’m going to take screen shots.

Today’s entertainment: right here. Fire away everyone.

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They don’t remove gigs for “no reason” (they would lose money if they did that).

And if they removed your gig for copyright infringement, they must have had solid proof to trust someone else’s word. I’ve seen dozens of gigs use images of logos for a logo design gig, and some of these logos were ones of McDonald’s, Mercedes, etc.

I must apologize to the entire Fiverr community, Sellers, Buyers, and Fiverr itself.

He is a fellow compatriot. He is a fellow Canuck. We are ashamed to have him in our midst.

Please do not believe for a moment that his post and behaviour are in any way a reflection of our collective values and national character. We disown this person and categorically condemn his behaviour in the strongest terms possible.

Jeffsims, please take your Fiverr earnings and vacate Canada immediately.

I must use a hockey analogy: This type of character is the type you want to have skating over the blue line with the puck with his head down. It is a golden rule in Canadian hockey that whoever commits such a cardinal sin is fair game and deserves whatever is coming to him.

Jeff, please step onto the hockey rink for a moment.

My thanks, everyone, for your understanding.

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I’m going to have a guess here - was your gig offering to write reviews for products sold by a company that sounds like a really big river?

If it was, and your gig was removed, then be grateful. The company that sounds like a really big river has been seeking out Fiverr sellers who were offering this type of gig and threatening to sue. Better you lose your gig than be sued!

Silly. They gave you a reason and you quoted it in your own post. The others are correct. Fiverr does remove gigs, sometimes without warning - but never for no reason. Whether you were selling Amazon reviews, videos with minions, Facebook likes, or some other 3rd party thing - it wasn’t a competitor and that’s silly - it was as you said “removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers”. Good luck doing something else.

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I am pretty sure that when this Mona Lisa was first posted the gig was a proofreading one. It’s always nice when the Mona fails to detail the exact offense that cause the deleterious behavior of Evil Fiverr.

How was the gig doing well if there are no reviews?

I’ve had three gigs removed for exactly that, no reason. Things such as bots can trigger removal of gigs based on keywords(mail, pay, etc.), buyer is always right attitude(even when they’re clearly in the wrong.), etc. I don’t know this case, but I know for me personally there was no real explanation. Lately though I haven’t had any issues which has been nice, been enjoying just relaxing gig orders.

I had a gig with over 50+ orders before and not a single person decided to leave a review on it, so who knows on that. They all told me how they loved the work but yet still didn’t want to leave feedback so who knows. A lot of people use their business name though and perhaps don’t want to be associated with an outsourcing website where I know what they order from me they sell back to their clients for quadruple.

offlinehelpers - bad guess. The gig was simple : “I will give you code to get more 5 star ratings , reviews Android”

I explain in the gig that I will provide code (one Java class) that an Android developer can add to their project which will result in more users that install the app to actually give rate the app (usually with 5 stars). I provide complete support in adding the code to the project and help to make sure it is working properly. Also provided a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I see that freelancemm also had some gigs removed as well.

The rest of you who want to dismiss me, I feel bad for you. I don’t need Fiverr for income and couldn’t care less about it. As you can see I won’t even attempt to put the gig up again. What’s the point. I have no idea what was wrong with the first one…and Fiverr wants me to guess and try again. I feel bad for you because you are working with a company that clearly doesn’t care about you…their real customers.

They only care about the users that buy your gigs. They just use you to get to them. You do the work…the marketing…get the customers…do the gigs…and one day you may wake up and find your gig gone. And remember you won’t know why. If that happens, the first thing I want you to think about is my voice saying “I told you so”

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Someone’s ego sounds a little bit dented. Why on earth would anyone think of you specifically when something bad happens to their Fiverr gig?

I can tell you why the gig got done, just from its title. So can anyone else who hasn’t been blinded by a butthurt ego.

I had a gig early on (when I was not so familiar with the rules) to give 5-star reviews on Amazon. It didn’t make too much money and it go the ax. I didn’t make another gig in that vein again, and instead focused on creating gigs that won’t get the ax. In fact, many of my new ones, I consult CS to ensure that they’re above board.

I certainly didn’t come to whine pitifully on a forum, brag about my huge income off of Evil Fiverr then let my ego spiral out of control with a mealy-mouthed “I told you so”.

I hope you can see why your approach to this problem sucked, and mine was much more effective. But go, my child, go and be enormously successful elsewhere as you contemplate all the sad Fiverr sellers who remember your sage words of wisdom in their darkest hour:

I told you so

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

Ah well - just as well I don’t do the lottery! I agree - it would be pointless putting the same gig up again for it to be removed. I’m quite happy with Fiverr, but many thanks for your concern!