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Your Gig needs modification

I am new to fiverr and I posted a gig yesterday and I now got the message from fiverr team, the message is below
please help me

Title: Missing Video
It is now mandatory to include an introduction video for all new Gigs in the Video & Animation category. It’s important for buyers to be able to see a sample of your work, so they can see your level of professionalism, and understand your offering. Gigs with useful, high quality videos enjoy significantly higher buyer engagement.
Your video should be created with high production quality and be representative of what you offer. The most successful videos contain your “value prop” messaging and actual samples of your work. Do not simply post a prior delivery without context.

Thank you!


Ya You Are Right you have to add high quality video which help you to get 1 sale

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That’s right you can put the sample work on your profile page so buyer can check your work how’s it, and you may put the work sample, there are many option so you can also create your portfolio link there you can post your past work,
post the attractive work in your profile or portfolio link, so buyer able to choose you, they better understand which type of work you do.


Thank you so much @justgeek and @logoflow
I will again post this video in HD

I have one doubt that should we have to keep video duration up to one minute ?


welcome :slight_smile:

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yeah it is better to have explainer video between 30 to 60 seconds

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Thank you @chrismateo