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Your Gig needs some tweaking before it can go live

I have made 4+ revisions to my post, and still I’m being asked for modifications.

Can someone please advise what I’m missing?

I would like to get this job up and running already.

It is likely that your service is breaking Fiverr TOS or the TOS of an alternative site or software associated with your service.

Could you possible provide some sort of description as to what your service offers? (*)

I am having the same issue… my Gig has been sent back twice for tweaking. It would be helpful if when it is sent back that the reason is specified so it can be corrected instead of me guessing. If I was able to read the reviewers mind I would have posted a Psychic Gig. At this point I don’t know what to change to satisfy the reviewer.

blewmymind said: Can someone please advise what I'm missing?

Ask Fiverr support.