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Your gig requires modification problem

Hello, I have a problem with my gig, which was working fine until today. I got a message from Fiverr editors to change the gig category, but I can’t find a suitable category for it. It was under “other”. Now, my gig is pending approval, but I didn’t change the category so it shouldn’t be approved anyway…

UPDATE: My gig is now denied!!!

How can I fix this? Please Fiverr?

I cannot link the gig because it is denied (really Fiverr?) but it was about geology assingments. If you search “geology”, the first gig is almost the same as mine and it’s still active, even tho it’s in the same category mine was. So why is my gig denied and this one isn’t?

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Same thing just happened to my gig!

They have probably gotten tighter on their submission process. I have had gigs get returned to me after they were live for months.

If your gig doesn’t clearly fall into a category, There is probably not traffic to support your gig.

If you are providing a research article, you could put it in the writing category?