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Your Gig requires Modification

Hi Guys
I have created Facebook Promotion Gig Few Months back.
Gig was fine and I was doing my job .
The Suddenly, I’m experiencing this issue recently on Fiverr.
Your Gig needs modification.
I have written the gig all by myself (Totally Unique) . Yet the Fiverr is telling me to modify my gig. I have got 10 jobs done from this gig and have good reviews. I have changed my Title but still fiverr is telling me modify me.

Please help me .

Best Regard,

I think you have provided facebook group posting services. Its not allowed from Fiverr. You can contact support.

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So, if i remove the info about group posting then this would be fine ? right ?
Is it the Fiverr Doesn’t like group posting ?

Can you tell me what the whole title says please?

What is your gig for?

Fiverr doesn’t like spamming. Nobody does. If you post in numerous groups, you’re spamming.


My Gig title :
I will promote your products on facebook to 10 million customers

My gig is about facebook promotion

Have you asked customer support why you get this message to change the title? I don’t know why they sent that.

Maybe they don’t like that gig.

I havent contact our customer support yet.
I have done so many job with this gig and this gig got excellant reviews.
It will make me feel bad if fiverr suspends this gig. I did the gig all by myself. I even design the banner myself.

You had 3 different customers so … it might be a violation of some kind and if you post that gig again you could get your account banned so you need to ask them.

any one can hire me on this gig. i even found most freelancers on fiverr working for different clients.

That’s not a valid argument. It’s possible to get a gig denied (or an account banned) even after thousands of glowing reviews.

Your personal feelings have nothing to do with whether your gig gets denied or not.

Not if it gets denied.

What does that mean?

I have deleted my gig .
Problem Resolved …

Thnx for your support.