"Your gig requires modifications before it can go live"


I am a new seller and I received this message but no clear explanation as to why.


Welcome to the mysterious world of Fiverrtopia.

Yes, different sellers (and buyers, too) just seem to get different treatment, and similar questions sometimes just get different answers. I know that is not an answer you can use in any productive way, but you might as well know that it is just the way things work around Fiverr. Definately try to follow their directions, but don’t EXPECT that it will always work as expected.

You also should know that this is basically a customers (buyers and sellers) comment forum. The customer service department at Fiverr MIGHT sometimes look here, but they rarely comment on the forum except for making policy or feature change announcements.

So, since CS is the department that stopped your gig from going live you have to message them directly, not through this forum. And also please know that Fiverr has situations where it seems that they have some kind of automated screening system that takes actions and issues “general” warnings like the one you got, and other times someone on the Fiverr staff has personally looked at your proposed gig and denied it - pending revisions.

Since you, and other forum members, don’t know any more about just how or why your message was sent, go right to the source. It might take days to get an answer, and it might be confusing when you think you have ALREADY followed their guidelines, but since you can’t change it – learn to deal with it.