"Your gig requires modifications."


Now I don’t know why I can’t post my gig onto Fiverr; because everything I’ve done is correct and it should be fully published. I got this message in my inbox with another message inside stating: Hi loneion,

"It appears that your gig ‘draw AMAZING Photoshop pictures for you’ needs to be modified to remain listed on Fiverr.

Here are the reasons:

Your gig image does not seem to represent your actual work. Please replace your gig image, keeping in mind that all images must be your original work and made in the same standard and quality as the results you will be providing to your customers with this gig."

Wow, I must be lying about my picture that I created myself and that can be seen on other websites stating that the copyright is mine. My picture that I have on the front of my gig is a picture that I created myself and it’s the quality that I WILL be making for anyone who wants a picture from me. I don’t know why Fiverr has stated that I need to modify it when everything is in order. If I could have help on this that would be great.


Reply to @kjblynx: I tried going there but I don’t see where I can contact them directly. I even clicked: Still can’t find an answer? I don’t see any way of contacting them.


Reply to @bachas85: Thank you very much! I signed up and posted my complaint (nicely). I appreciate the time that you and kjblynx both spent helping me with this. Hopefully it can all be resolved!

P.S. Great job getting to be a top seller on this website! It looks like it might be a bumpy ride for me.


Hi. I see you mention it is on other websites. The gigs on Fiverr are supposed to be “Exclusive to Fiverr” so maybe that’s the problem. Are you selling on the other sites?