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Your gigs are not showing up on Fiverr! CHECK


I have noticed recently that a few gigs are not listed on Fiverr even though it says active. It comes up on the seller’s profile, however if, you manually check for it, it won’t be there. This is not only me, but I have checked a few other sellers as well.

An easy way of checking is, to be online on Fiverr and set your level rank as well as check off" show online sellers" within the subcategory you are in.

Another method to check is to type in the title of you gig, and set you level rank.

This of course won’t be reliable if you had modified your gig for the past couple of days. It’s been 6 days for me, and I can’t find my gig in the search engine through the subcategories

I have contacted Customer Support but they said I have recently modified my gig, which is untrue. It’s been untouched for 6 days!


Before anything think I’m lying because I am getting sales on my gig… all 14 sales were from Buyer Request.


You might want to make your gig title a bit shorter. I noticed that when i searched for your gig by title alone that search force-truncated it. It might help if it was shorter, or you may just have to give it some more time.


Thanks for the tip, I will have it a go.
I also been seeing other post on the forum about their gig not showing up on the search engine as well, werid


I also have same problem, 3 times, I’ve email to customer they didn’t reply what I ask?


This is true. I have experienced this when my gig is not listed on the category, not found on search and what’s surprising is the new sellers are dominating the result.


Apparently, Fiverr Customer Support person I spoke to said that they were having loads of gigs waiting to be approved before being listed in the search Index.

Tbh, I don’t believe them but my gig is finally in the search engine after they forward my case to the Editorial Team.
The sad thing is that my impressions are super low.
Probably I’m getting all the impressions from Buyer Requests. Feeling sad :frowning:


They will probably tell you that you had modified your gig and needs reapproval like what they told me.


I am also getting this problem but when I am contacted to customer support thy solve my problem and restore my gig Fiverr search result. Love you Fiverr.


Same problem is happening to my Gig also. I made the Gig 2 days earlier and its showing active in my dashboard but its not showing in the category page even when I narrow down my search using type, language, seller levels filters. What should I do now?


I am also suffering this same, i already contacted to support team and now i am waiting resolution. thanks


Some gigs don’t show up for legitimate reasons, like non-compliance with editorial focus. Gigs like that are still allowed to exist but are not shown in search. Some people also search by scrolling and scrolling instead of using to title search or filters.

I have seen cases where the gig was just not in search and the seller wasn’t at fault. So far CS seems reasonable about fixing those on request - eventually. :wink:


When you submit multiple tickets too fast it can get you in a big bind. The tickets go to multiple agents and confusion turns to annoyance. You really need to wait when you submit one ticket. CS will sometimes just close the tickets. If you send more, it becomes spam and you get blocked. Patience is a big key on CS tickets.


I think Fiverr should make an announcement. This is unacceptable to sellers thinking they aren’t getting any sales


Hello I’m new and I just posted my first gig. And I’m having this same issue!

I’m really sorry if I’m rule 2 of forum which says not to share gigs outside “My Fiverr Gigs”, but can someone check my gig and let me know if I did something wrong?

I edited my gig to add tags and edited the title to a shorter one yesterday, My gig is live in my dashboard but I can’t find it in search.

Can anyone please help me out? Should I contact fiverr support?


For your situation, I recommend waiting a bit. Wait till the third day, then contact CS.




Hope all gets sorted with you too


I couldn’t find your gig either. :confused:
I would recommend waiting 3 days since the day you last modified your gig before contacting Customer Support


Thanks for the eye opener. I’ve been seeing considerably low activity on my real estate gig. Only sales I make are from repeat buyers. Its depressing. Am trying this search thing now.