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Your Gigs can’t be promoted right now, we'll notify you as soon as this changes

I have been using ‘Fiverr gig promotion’ feature since November 2020. Now I am getting notification that says ’ Your Gigs can’t be promoted right now, **we’ll notify you as soon as this changes’. Can anyone help me?


I have the same problem and I have sent to CS and this their response

Thanks for this replay. I had a great start in 2021. Got good number of orders in JAN and FEB. Suddenly, My ‘promoted gigs’ feature disabled and impression and clicks of all gigs get drop to 100 from 2K. I am not done any abnormal thing in these days. How we know what happened? Is there any idea to get reason for this?

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Hello Brother! Now I am facing the same issue. What was happened to you? Is that okay now Or are you still having the same issue?

Still not cleared. It will take time.

Okay brother. thanks for the reply. But, now how many days? And did you get any proper reply from CS ?

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IS your all gigs rank again now?

My high performing is now on first page

Did you give any order late ( within these few days or cancel any promoted order…?)

I didn’t cancel any promoted order. After getting unqualified mail from Fiverr. All my gigs impressions fell down to zero.

then how did you get back to normal ?

i am having same problem and its frustrating me

sudden i got notification of your gigs can promote anymore

and my gigs go down in rank

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