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Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now,

Last March 15th I got the Promot gig option But a few days later they say Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now, we’ll notify you as soon as this changes, and my gigs lost the rank. When I search then my gig opens on the last page. I’m a level 1 seller and my gigs completed 35 reviews. My total reviews 99.


Maybe it is because your overall rating is 4.8 now. Or the overall rating on the gig has fallen. I see your best selling gig has an average rating of 4.7.


Same happened to me weeks ago, thousands of sellers are facing this issue!

According to the Promoted Gigs TOS on the Fiverr Help & Education Center page:

We reserve the right to suspend the Program at any time without notice.

This one same issue with me. I am level two sellers,
Very worried about it

My overall rating is 4.9 and prompt gig rating is 4.8.

My gig totally lost rank before starting promote my gig always shown page 1 or 2 now i see at the last page.

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Same here bro… My gig gone on last page in last row

That is not what I see on your profile? Does it appear differently to you? Or is the promoted gig not the one that is your best seller?

Tomorrow i was show overall rating 4.9 but today i see 4.8

Yes, the rating changes because it is based on the last 60 days. A good rating must of fallen off and now your overall rating is down.

Now, How can i rank my gig?